It’s not a left-wing thing to be against racism and antisemitism

Occasionally people have a go at labelling my political leanings. Fascinatingly, I’ve been identified as “left-wing” on a few occasions recently. Now, whilst I try to stay clear of party political endorsements on Faithroots, I do touch on matters of public policy including economics, freedom of speech, etc. You may draw your own conclusions onContinue reading “It’s not a left-wing thing to be against racism and antisemitism”

Justified (Romans 4:1-12)

If you were to list the top 3 doctrines you believe first of all in terms of what is necessary to salvation, what would you list look like? Now how would you draw up your list a second time, this time with the focus on how doctrine affects the Christian life and the nature ofContinue reading “Justified (Romans 4:1-12)”

George Floyd, justice and why the optics do matter

I woke yesterday to the news that George Floyd’s killer, Derek Chauvin has been convicted. This is good news because it means justice for Floyd’s family, but it does not deal with the issue of racism.  In fact, it is concerning that some people are still trying to separate out the race issue here andContinue reading “George Floyd, justice and why the optics do matter”

The proposed European Super League exposes our idolatry

The news cycle moves on. What has knocked coronavirus and a royal death off of the headlines this week? That’s right, it’s football and proposals for a European Super League. The plan is for 12 of the richest and largest clubs in Europe to break away from their national leagues to form their own competition,Continue reading “The proposed European Super League exposes our idolatry”

Race, class and geography (more thoughts on that report)

Just before Easter, the Commission on Race, equality and disparity reported.  The report has proved controversial with people focusing particularly on associated headlines questioning the existence of institutional racism and suggesting that the UK was in fact a positive example of improvements in race relations.  I chose to hold off from making an immediate responseContinue reading “Race, class and geography (more thoughts on that report)”

Is the UK institutionally racist? Responding to THAT report

The other week, the Government published a report looking at racism in the UK in the light of last year’s #BlackLivesMatter protests (Report of the Commission on Race and Ethnic Disparities).  The publication was accompanied by headlines[1] to the affect that There was no evidence of deliberate institutional racism The UK was in fact aContinue reading “Is the UK institutionally racist? Responding to THAT report”

What not to take away from the Meghan and Harry interview

Well the Meghan and Harry interview has done its work in generating a lot of opinion and discussion. It seems to me that polarisation is likely to align along pre-established lines. Steve Kneale writes here about how it is likely to reflect culture with Meghan and Harry’s approach and therefore support reflecting a younger, newContinue reading “What not to take away from the Meghan and Harry interview”

What you don’t do is start a witch hunt

One of the standout claims from the Oprah Winfrey interview is the claim that a member of the royal household made racist comments about the potential skin tone of baby Archie.  The accusation is hard hitting in the context of current concerns about racism’s effect on our society and to be honest has that edgeContinue reading “What you don’t do is start a witch hunt”

White Fragility

The death of George Floyd, the outpouring of anger, the marches, people “taking the knee” and the apology videos seem an age away now.  Few people are talking about #BlackLivesMatter and a significant proportion of those who are, do so negatively as part of counter attacks against Marxist wokeness. Yet if we genuinely are concernedContinue reading “White Fragility”

Censorship, criticism and editing

Well, that’s twice in a row now! On two separate occasions I’ve been accused of trying to get someone censored.  The first was when I challenged David Robertson’s  Premier Christianity article about Donald Trump’s twitter account being suspended. The second follows my suggestions for a bit of editing to an article by John Benton forContinue reading “Censorship, criticism and editing”