#BlackLivesMatter or #AllLivesMatter ?

My wife is a teacher. As a teacher, she wants to ensure that all of the children in her classes are treated equally and fairly. However, she has discovered over the years that “treating fairly” does not mean “treating the same.” She has learnt that if the gap is to be closed for boys thenContinue reading “#BlackLivesMatter or #AllLivesMatter ?”

Will we show that we see and hear them?

We’ve had some uncertain and frustrating moments over the past few months on Facebook. We’ve been livestreaming and suddenly our camera view has gone dark. We honestly have not known if have been seen and heard or if we have just been talking to ourselves. It helps when people send comments to say “we canContinue reading “Will we show that we see and hear them?”

Discrimination, diversity and the church

Here’s the second part of our discussion about diversity and discrimination. Today we focused more on what this looks like in the church. People who came to the UK from around the Commonwealth had often served in the forces during the war and were also asked to come to help rebuild industry. They then oftenContinue reading “Discrimination, diversity and the church”

Diversity and Discrimination

Here is today’s Afternoon Tea. We have started a conversation about race and diversity and hope to continue, hopefully with guests. Today we talked about Implicit bias. Prejudice can arise as much out of assumptions about our own superiority and experience as normal as it does out of hostility to others That in some casesContinue reading “Diversity and Discrimination”