How should we respond when Israel is in the news?

The focus has returned to the Middle East with rocket attacks from Gaza into Israel and Israeli military force being deployed against the Palestinians. Most commentary has been negative towards Israel with concerns and condemnation concerning the loss of civilian life. How should we respond and engage? Well actually saying nothing might be the bestContinue reading “How should we respond when Israel is in the news?”

That Hideous Strength (book review)

No, not the third in the CS Lewis Sci-Fi Trilogy, although the title is drawn from that book. This is Melvin Tinker’s analysis of the cultural dangers that the church and indeed Western society more broadly are facing today. Unsurprisingly, the primary cultural dangers identified by Tinker are the post-modern approach to tolerance that blursContinue reading “That Hideous Strength (book review)”

It’s not a left-wing thing to be against racism and antisemitism

Occasionally people have a go at labelling my political leanings. Fascinatingly, I’ve been identified as “left-wing” on a few occasions recently. Now, whilst I try to stay clear of party political endorsements on Faithroots, I do touch on matters of public policy including economics, freedom of speech, etc. You may draw your own conclusions onContinue reading “It’s not a left-wing thing to be against racism and antisemitism”

Fear or hope – how to spot a conspiracy theory

How do you spot a conspiracy theory/theorist? I’ve been thinking about this over the past few day as I’ve done a bit of digging into the anatomy of conspiracy theories.  You will have seen on my YouTube videos and my articles here that my view is there is primarily one conspiracy theory, a spine runningContinue reading “Fear or hope – how to spot a conspiracy theory”

The difference between critical comment and conspiracy theory

In my earlier post, I mentioned this quote in Christianity Magazine We’re entering a dangerous time in the history of Western democracies – and that danger is not primarily from a mob of redneck conspiracy theorists. Rather it is a handful of Californian billionaires with an unparalleled power in human history, who pose the biggestContinue reading “The difference between critical comment and conspiracy theory”

Invisible racism is still racism -including anti-semitism

My maternal Grandpa was from Belfast.  There would be very little to give that away among his children and grandchildren though. Obviously my uncles and cousins carry the Magee surname but none of us have a Northern Irish accent and there are no other characteristics to give away our origins. Meanwhile my Great Grandfather wasContinue reading “Invisible racism is still racism -including anti-semitism”