Britain isn’t in the middle of a migrant crisis

Newspaper headlines scream that we are in the middle of an asylum crisis. Britain is being swamped by asylum seekers turning up on our shores in little dinghies. This, we are told, is something the public wont put up with. Perhaps it is time for a reality check. Compared to the experience of countries on… Continue reading Britain isn’t in the middle of a migrant crisis

Reforming the asylum system

Steve Kneale, has shared a proposal for a possible solution the current crisis in the channel tunnel with people seeking to enter Britain for asylum through hazardous boat crossings organised by people smugglers.  These crossings are dangerous and this week resulted in tragic loss of life.** I don’t intend to engage with the detail of… Continue reading Reforming the asylum system

escaping the (and avoiding a future) fuel crisis

What seemed to spark the fuel  crisis over the weekend was some choice statements from the petroleum industry and road hauliers with leaks and briefings to the media. Over the past 18 months we’ve noticed particular hiccups in the general supply chain and these appear to have intensified over the past few weeks. As I… Continue reading escaping the (and avoiding a future) fuel crisis

Shemima Begum

In 2019, Shemima Begum left Britain as a 15 year old to join ISIL along with two other school girls. In Syria she married a Jihadist and had children with him that died. She was later found in a refugee camp. The Home Secretary with Tribunal support determined that she should be stripped of her… Continue reading Shemima Begum

Is food poverty real and do food banks help?

If you were to talk to people about the big needs in communities and how churches can help, you’ll find that they quite often settle on the assumption that a primary issue is food poverty.  Furthermore, it tends to be assumed that a major solution to food poverty is the existence of foodbanks (alongside things… Continue reading Is food poverty real and do food banks help?

Freedom of Movement or engineered movement?

One of the problems that we have with talking about Freedom of Movement is that what people are usually either defending or objecting to is engineered movement.  What do I mean by this.  Well, it relates to a great question that people have been asking.  Most debates about the costs and benefits of immigration focus… Continue reading Freedom of Movement or engineered movement?

Freedom of Movement?

This is my third article in a mini-series of opinion pieces linked to Brexit and the end of the transition phase.  Here I want to talk about freedom of movement. This applies to: Goods Services People Now, there are people around who believe that there should be complete control on movement. They do not think… Continue reading Freedom of Movement?

Is there a Biblical argument against immigration?

In my article about Brexit, I explained that I did not see the key issue as immigration. In fact between you and me, it was one of the things that so easily could have turned me off against the whole referendum.  Ironically even though Brexit focused on immigration, it wasn’t really a debate about it… Continue reading Is there a Biblical argument against immigration?

Refugees – Blessing or burden?

Thinking back to a conversation I had with two other Christians about the Home Office’s approach to processing asylum claims, I was struck again by how much our perception of the asylum system is shaped by our view of asylum seekers themselves. If I think that asylum seekers are very likely to be fake, just… Continue reading Refugees – Blessing or burden?