Birmingham 2022 and the Gospel

The Commonwealth Games are coming to Birmingham.  Whilst not up there with the Olympics, this is still a hugely significant event.  It will bring together competitors from across the Commonwealth (the group of nations linked primarily through historically having been part of the British Empire and usually today with ties through the Queen).  In fact,… Continue reading Birmingham 2022 and the Gospel

No Minister, my city is not “god awful”

Last week, Government minister Heather Wheeler was forced to apologise after commenting that she had just made a speech in “Birmingham or Blackpool or some god awful place.”  It seems that politicians have trouble with the basic principle of not saying offensive things about the people they want to elect them. Remember Boris Johnson having… Continue reading No Minister, my city is not “god awful”

Why we don’t want a nuclear conflict

I’m rather concerned at the number of people who seem rather gung-ho at the prospect of military intervention by NATO countries into Ukraine.  As I’ve mentioned before, it seems that those who are pushing the prospect seem either to assume that the gamble is worth it because either it would not lead to the use… Continue reading Why we don’t want a nuclear conflict