The truth probably lies somewhere away from the scare stories

An unnamed government minister has warned today that if we delay lifting COVID-19 restrictions on the 21st June, then we will end up with restrictions in place until spring next year.  Well, whilst many things are now up and running again, such a situation would be catastrophic for the entertainment and hospitality sector and unpleasantContinue reading “The truth probably lies somewhere away from the scare stories”

21st June will be decided on data … and assumptions

Donald Rumsfeld famously (or perhaps infamously) talked about there being “known knowns, known unknowns and unknown unknowns.”  It’s another way of saying that you don’t know what you don’t know.  This is particularly true when we come to the decision the Government must make about COVID-19 unlocking by Monday 16th June. What do we know?Continue reading “21st June will be decided on data … and assumptions”

Why it is important that we help vaccinate the world

The UK’s efforts in delivering the COVID-19 vaccinations has been phenomenal. We now have over 50% of the population fully vaccinated and a further 25% have received one jab. This along with those not yet vaccinated who have had a dose of the virus means we should be moving towards herd immunity. However, there areContinue reading “Why it is important that we help vaccinate the world”

June 21st -where are we and what does that mean for churches?

We’re getting a bit closer to June 21st and are tensely waiting the Prime Minister’s press conference on Monday when we’ll know whether or not the final lifting of pandemic/lockdown measures will happen. Church leaders will be watching and waiting with baited breath because Monday’s announcement will affect whether and when we can return toContinue reading “June 21st -where are we and what does that mean for churches?”

Could aliens exist and would it matter if they did?

Another one of those questions put out on twitter. I suspect that what has provoked the question is that the possible existence of extra-Terrestrials and UFOs has been in the news recently due to reports that the Pentagon takes their existence seriously and treats reported sightings from military personnel as credible.  Now, I remain sceptical.Continue reading “Could aliens exist and would it matter if they did?”

Another red herring – the timing of lockdowns

In my opinion, the other red herring to be brought into play over the past 24 hours through the Dominic Cummings interview has been the question over whether or not the lockdowns, particularly the first one in March 2020 and the autumn one just after half term should have been earlier and whether that wouldContinue reading “Another red herring – the timing of lockdowns”

A herd of red herrings

The big political dispute over the past few days has been as to whether or not the UK pursued a herd immunity strategy during the early stages of COVID-19.  It’s a red-herring because the answer is of course we were and still are following a herd immunity strategy. The alternative to herd immunity is toContinue reading “A herd of red herrings”

Eurovision, hate and indifference

Eurovision returned last night after a one year COVID enforced hiatus. Normal service was well and  truly resumed with outlandish costumes, cheesy lyrics and quirky voting. To cap it all, once again, the UK finished bottom with the ignominious “null points”.  Then as usual, people took to social media to complain that everyone in EuropeContinue reading “Eurovision, hate and indifference”

The Truth about Hamas

In the last few days I’ve written about the need to respond to events in the Middle East in an informed manner. To speak on Middle East issues must include the responsibility to challenge Israel for unjust, oppressive and illegal behaviour including ongoing occupation of territory, failure to care properly for the human rights ofContinue reading “The Truth about Hamas”

If you don’t want to be a racist then don’t intimidate and cajole British Jews over what is happening in Israel

Journalist Nazanin Zagari-Ratcliffe remains imprisoned in Iran.  I have Iranian friends. I would not dream of calling them up and demanding that they condemn the Iranian regime.  Of course, I suspect that given their reason for coming to the UK was to seek asylum, I suspect that they wouldn’t hesitate to condemn Iran in farContinue reading “If you don’t want to be a racist then don’t intimidate and cajole British Jews over what is happening in Israel”