Who will you take the knee for?

Taking the knee started as a protest gesture by American Football players back in 2016 who refused to stand for their national anthem in protest at discrimination and police brutality.  This week, people have been asked to “take the knee” around the world in solidarity with George Floyd and those affected by his killing. IContinue reading “Who will you take the knee for?”

#BlackLivesMatter or #AllLivesMatter ?

My wife is a teacher. As a teacher, she wants to ensure that all of the children in her classes are treated equally and fairly. However, she has discovered over the years that “treating fairly” does not mean “treating the same.” She has learnt that if the gap is to be closed for boys thenContinue reading “#BlackLivesMatter or #AllLivesMatter ?”

Will we show that we see and hear them?

We’ve had some uncertain and frustrating moments over the past few months on Facebook. We’ve been livestreaming and suddenly our camera view has gone dark. We honestly have not known if have been seen and heard or if we have just been talking to ourselves. It helps when people send comments to say “we canContinue reading “Will we show that we see and hear them?”

We are not being discriminated against

There must be some sense of irony that in the week that the death of George Floyd with a policeman’s knee to his neck led to mass protests, a number of prominent Christians wrote proceedings here in the UK about perceived discrimination against the church.[1] Those who are involved believe that the Government should recogniseContinue reading “We are not being discriminated against”

What if Lockdown was the wrong decision? Should we still comply?

I’ve spotted two examples questioning lockdown this week. The first is that some people have been arguing that lockdown was never required in the first place, that the curve was already being flattened before we entered lockdown. The other is specific to the measures concerning churches as the Christian Legal Centre/Christian Concern For our nationContinue reading “What if Lockdown was the wrong decision? Should we still comply?”

The danger of identity politics to love and truth

It is rare to get unity amongst bishops. So what prompted an outbreak of unity this week? Was it a join statement of the good news of the Gospel, maybe they stepped up to do their own version of The Blessing video (now that would be something worth going viral)? Maybe they had met urgentlyContinue reading “The danger of identity politics to love and truth”

So what were we doing all that for?

I intended not to dive back into the Dominic Cummings story again but it is the story that keeps giving. I don’t want to focus on his guilt or innocence however.  Rather I want to talk about the reaction or the expected  reaction. The suggestion has been that if Cummings is not sanctioned in someContinue reading “So what were we doing all that for?”

“Do not judge…”

“Who are we to judge?” It’s one of those argument ending killer phrases isn’t it?  Usually the phrase is then followed up by two other phrases. “Do not judge others, and you will not be judged.”[1] “let the one who has never sinned throw the first stone!”[2] The deployment of these phrases are designed toContinue reading ““Do not judge…””

The Shaming of the Shrew

This is the third in a little series of articles reflecting on the controversy surrounding Dominic Cumming’s trip to Durham. I guess it also relates to the issues that came up with Professor Neil Ferguson and Catherine Calderwood, the former Scottish Chief Medical Officer I am more concerned with the lessons we learn for ourContinue reading “The Shaming of the Shrew”