“In this day and age?”

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I’m increasingly seeing comments along the lines of “We shouldn’t be seeing or y … in this day and age.” Or “It is disgusting that in one of the richest G7 countries that we should be seeing x.” These statements at the moment relate specifically to the pressures that people are starting to face in… Continue reading “In this day and age?”

Why I’m writing about Russia, Ukraine and NATO

The primary purpose of Faithroots is to help people think Biblically because what we believe affects how we live. I write for a general audience but I also have two specific and related audiences in mind that I particularly want to help and encourage: Those involved in urban church planting, mission and discipleship whether as… Continue reading Why I’m writing about Russia, Ukraine and NATO

Russia and Ukraine -what next?

Today there is war in Europe.  We cannot underestimate the size of this conflict. Ukraine has a population of around 41.46 million, a little smaller than the United Kingdom, Russia is a permanent member of the UN security council with a population of 146 million and one of the largest nuclear powers.  The conflict is… Continue reading Russia and Ukraine -what next?

Putin’s bluff – a possible silver lining to the dark clouds over Ukraine

On Monday, Russian formally recognised provinces in the east of Ukraine as independent countries. This then was used as a pretext for Russian forces to be invited into those areas as “peace-keepers.” Things don’t look good for Ukraine right now and I’m sure many will be joining in praying for our brothers and sisters there… Continue reading Putin’s bluff – a possible silver lining to the dark clouds over Ukraine

Do we need to make Scripture relevant?

Over the weekend we saw a crisis start to take shape. It was in effect self-inflicted. Warnings that there might some pressure on fuel supplies led to panic buying and over the weekend  the pumps ran dry.  In this article on Sunday, I commented that it would be peculiar if the crisis we were facing… Continue reading Do we need to make Scripture relevant?

The death of public discourse

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The other day, I wrote about this tweet and video clip Steve Kneale also managed to get himself into a bit of a twitter storm due to his comments on the clip. He has written about it here and here.  One thing stands out for me though and it is this. As Steve rightly notes… Continue reading The death of public discourse