TV, culture and curiosity

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I’m following up on the discussion around TV and pastoral visits from the other day with some further thoughts, less to try and reach a definitive answer on the original question and more to work through some things that started to come out of the discussion. One key thing that I think came out of… Continue reading TV, culture and curiosity

The Gnostic presuppositions of The Crown

I understand that for some, The Crown is compulsive and essential viewing.  Netflix’s big budget drama tells the story of Queen Elizabeth and the Royal Family starting back with the death of George VI and over several seasons aiming presumably to bring things right up to date.  The show has proved both popular and controversial… Continue reading The Gnostic presuppositions of The Crown

Life after life

I’ve just finished watching the 4 part drama series “Life after life” adapted from Kate Atkinson’s 2013 novel. I found the premise fascinating but Sarah reckons the book isn’t all it’s made out to be, so this seemed like the easier way of getting a better feel for the story. The story focuses on the… Continue reading Life after life

The death of public discourse

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The other day, I wrote about this tweet and video clip Steve Kneale also managed to get himself into a bit of a twitter storm due to his comments on the clip. He has written about it here and here.  One thing stands out for me though and it is this. As Steve rightly notes… Continue reading The death of public discourse