Preaching in the middle of a crisis

Over the last couple of days, I ran a little survey on twitter asking people when was the last time they’d heard pastors addressing specific contemporary issues.  You can see the results here and I’m planning to share a few articles later this week with further analysis and discussion of them. One thing that came… Continue reading Preaching in the middle of a crisis

Responding to a bit of anti-vax propaganda

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One of my concerns during the pandemic has been the way that truth has so often been the first casualty.  The debate has often been polarised between two extremes. On the one hand you’ve had the zero COVID lobby determined to prove that our governments are intentionally trying to kill us, at the other end,… Continue reading Responding to a bit of anti-vax propaganda

On calling people liars

Last week, MP Dawn Butler was removed from the House of Commons for calling the Prime Minister a liar.   “What was the problem with her accusing him of lying?” you may well be asking. Isn’t Mr Johnson notorious for having a questionable relationship with the truth? Hasn’t that been the problem for him so… Continue reading On calling people liars

Truth and Reason go together

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This tweet remains online, having been seen by the originator’s 60,000 followers and retweeted 146 times and liked 600 times (as of the 4th February 2021) This, despite the fact that several people have explained to the original poster that the claim was not in fact true.  It seems that instead of taking a few… Continue reading Truth and Reason go together

Why it is important that we treasure the truth

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What do you do when you hear something, a big claim which if true has massive implications but for which there is no evidence, it is just someone’s claim? Surely the right thing to do before you start to spread the claim is to check your facts. Is there evidence or are you spreading a… Continue reading Why it is important that we treasure the truth