Truth and Reason go together

This tweet remains online, having been seen by the originator’s 60,000 followers and retweeted 146 times and liked 600 times (as of the 4th February 2021) This, despite the fact that several people have explained to the original poster that the claim was not in fact true.  It seems that instead of taking a fewContinue reading “Truth and Reason go together”

Why it is important that we treasure the truth

What do you do when you hear something, a big claim which if true has massive implications but for which there is no evidence, it is just someone’s claim? Surely the right thing to do before you start to spread the claim is to check your facts. Is there evidence or are you spreading aContinue reading “Why it is important that we treasure the truth”

Truth and lies about Creation

What we believe affects how we live. This includes what we believe about four key things: We are now going to take some time to look at what we believe about Creation. We’re going to do this in four parts: The story of Creation. We will start by looking at the first three chapters ofContinue reading “Truth and lies about Creation”

Why I believe that NDAs have no place in church relationships

Yesterday, Steve Kneale led with an article looking at Non-Disclosure Agreements in christian organisations. The basis of his article was a report in the Times about a Tearfund employee acting as a whistle blower. Now, my gut reaction was that when someone heads off to talk to The Times and The Times leads with anContinue reading “Why I believe that NDAs have no place in church relationships”

Knowledge is power, France is Bacon

This little article had Sarah and me in stitches. Of course we were laughing with the poor guy, not at him because we’ve all been there at some point in our life, completely mishearing something leading to confusion. I remember my mum’s perplexed concern when I arrived home from school fresh from our first everContinue reading “Knowledge is power, France is Bacon”

Balance is often the enemy of truth

One of the idols we chase is “balance.” It is an established political fact that unless everyone else has headed off to the extremes, elections are normally won from the political centre.  Opinion polls show that most voters consider themselves to be in the centre and judge the parties by where they believe they sitContinue reading “Balance is often the enemy of truth”

Learning to see – the full picture

Going back a month or two, you may remember that when asked, Boris Johnson promised that if necessary, the armed forces would be made available to help with the effort against COVID-19. This led to predictable headlines and tweets about troops on the street and people claiming that the Government was using the pandemic asContinue reading “Learning to see – the full picture”

Truth must not be a casualty of our engagement in the debate about Coronavirus

I was taught many years ago that when debating someone that I should be able to present my opponents’ argument in a way that they would recognise and be able to own as their own point of view. Indeed, they should be able to say “You’ve put it better than I could myself.” From there,Continue reading “Truth must not be a casualty of our engagement in the debate about Coronavirus”