Cummings and Goings

As promised, here is part two of my thoughts on the Dominic Cummings case. I want to focus here on the question of how we interact with rules.  The key question for DC’s future is whether or not he did break any rules. If he broke lockdown rules, then this is serious because he hasContinue reading “Cummings and Goings”

Coronavirus and the battle of three fridges

Here is the latest Government ad campaign in the battle of Coronavirus. You get the message don’t you. We are meant to keep our distance when out and about. We should be around about two metres apart from each other, that’s obviously not meant to be a precise measurement. It’s a rough distance.  There areContinue reading “Coronavirus and the battle of three fridges”

Coronavirus in our care homes – why does sorry seem to be the hardest word?

Special Agent Gibbs is the hero of NCIS.  A man of few words with his own traumatic past, he leads a team of agents with a passionate commitment to justice.  One of the unique things about Gibbs is that he has a rule for everything, a code to live by.  One of his best knownContinue reading “Coronavirus in our care homes – why does sorry seem to be the hardest word?”

An open letter to Boris Johnson

Dear Boris, First of all, I want to let you know that we are encouraged by your own recovery from the COVID-19 virus.  Many Christians around the country were praying for you each day as well as for Carrie and your baby boy. We continue to pray for you, for your ongoing recovery and forContinue reading “An open letter to Boris Johnson”

Learning the right lessons – it is possible to engage

Early in the Coronavirus pandemic I shared a few articles about the dangers of learning the wrong lessons from the data that was being thrown at us about how different countries were doing.  I want to follow that up with some articles about what we can learn about the virus. My reason for saying thisContinue reading “Learning the right lessons – it is possible to engage”

Awkward – the unsayable?

A baby boy is born, rejoice, a symbol of hope in troubled times.  That was the general mood of many public statements yesterday.  Carrie Symonds, the prime-minister’s fiancé had given birth. This was the Archbishop of Canterbury’s reaction. There is a lot to be thankful for.  A few weeks back, we were praying for BorisContinue reading “Awkward – the unsayable?”

Learning the wrong lessons (2) The Sweden factor and panic time

“It’s all too complicated, it’s going to go massively wrong, we’ll lose money, jobs will go, national security could be put at risk. Others are handling this differently. We need to change course.” That was the gist of the conversation I had a few time with my bosses. It was back in 1999 and weContinue reading “Learning the wrong lessons (2) The Sweden factor and panic time”