The Government, COVID and a tricky call about reopening

So, how do you feel about the decision to end COVID-19 regulations on the 19th July? Some of you are no doubt excited and relieved to see those measures coming to an end, others perhaps frustrated that the end didn’t come sooner and many feeling extremely anxious, concerned that this has come too soon andContinue reading “The Government, COVID and a tricky call about reopening”

Returning well – lean into your blindspots

The Government are expected to confirm on Monday 12th July the ending of all remaining COVID-`9 measures.  There has been a lot of speculation over the past few weeks about what that will exactly look like.  On the one hand, there have been briefings from some ministers, scientists and even the PM suggesting that someContinue reading “Returning well – lean into your blindspots”

Songs for a COVID Generation

I thought I’d share with you some of the songs on my playlist that have kept us going through the pandemic. This is the stuff I’ve been sticking on YouTube and singing along to.  I’m looking forward to singing them, and other songs again together with others when we finally get free from all restrictionsContinue reading “Songs for a COVID Generation”

Is it time to stop publishing the COVID case data daily?

There are increasing calls, not just from politicians but from scientists too for the daily update on COVID cases to end. Some countries have already moved to weekly reporting. The argument is that reading about exponentially growing cases serves to increase anxiety among the public. It also means we don’t look at COVID in perspective.Continue reading “Is it time to stop publishing the COVID case data daily?”

Why It’s time to return to in person church

Since the delay to the completion of England’s roadmap out of lockdown, I’ve been including regular updates on Faithroots to help church leaders stay up to date with the data and plan ahead. Today I want to write to church members generally and explain why I would encourage you, if you haven’t already, to beginContinue reading “Why It’s time to return to in person church”

COVID Reopening – brace yourselves and hold your nerve!

I’ve been trying to give a regular update for church leaders on how things are looking regarding final reopening on the 19th July.  So first of all, the not so good news.  You’ll be fairly well aware of this by now.  Over the past few weeks we’ve seen COVID-19 cases increasing rapidly. The increase seemedContinue reading “COVID Reopening – brace yourselves and hold your nerve!”

Are we on track for the 19th July reopening?

Church leaders are following carefully what is happening regarding the delayed Stage 4 of COVID re-opening in England (Scotland and Wales come under different measures but there tends to be a high level of convergence between the countries). So, how are things looking? Will we be good to go on the 19th July or mightContinue reading “Are we on track for the 19th July reopening?”

The urgent priority – avoiding future lockdowns

Anyone who has followed my thinking through COVID-19 will know that my consistent position throughout has been that the disease is a real and present danger that we need to respond to. I’ve had little time for so called COVID sceptics and anti-vaxxers. Therefore, I’ve agreed that measures have been necessary to respond to theContinue reading “The urgent priority – avoiding future lockdowns”

What I would like to hear from Boris Johnson today

It is likely that when the Prime Minister addresses the nation today, it will be to tell us that there is going to be an extension to the roadmap out of lockdown. Press speculation suggests this will be for another 4 weeks. The extension will primarily affect the entertainment and hospitality industry but even ifContinue reading “What I would like to hear from Boris Johnson today”

The truth probably lies somewhere away from the scare stories

An unnamed government minister has warned today that if we delay lifting COVID-19 restrictions on the 21st June, then we will end up with restrictions in place until spring next year.  Well, whilst many things are now up and running again, such a situation would be catastrophic for the entertainment and hospitality sector and unpleasantContinue reading “The truth probably lies somewhere away from the scare stories”