Resignation offers, integrity and grace

#Partygate and #Beergate continue to rumble on.  In latest developments, Labour leader Keir Starmer has said that he will resign if he is issued with a Fixed Penalty Notice fine for breeching covid regulations.  His supporters have suggested that this shows integrity and compares unfavourably with the way that the Prime Minister has refused to… Continue reading Resignation offers, integrity and grace

Pints, cake and retrospective justice

#Partygate is the scandal that keeps on giving.  In a bid to distract from their own troubles, the Tories have tried to put the focus on an incident during the local elections last year where Keir Starmer was videoed drinking beer in Durham.  Their claim is that the leader of the opposition was also in… Continue reading Pints, cake and retrospective justice

COVID-19: The next step to normality or a reckless risk

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Boris Johnson has indicated that plans to end all COVID-19 regulations will be brought forward from the end of March to early March with further announcements expected after the school half term holidays. In practice, for England (Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland will continue to have their own regulations and guidance) this means that there… Continue reading COVID-19: The next step to normality or a reckless risk

Does it add up?

The controversy around #PartyGate continues to rumble on.  The Metropolitan Police have begun their investigation. Last week, Boris Johnson was reportedly sent a questionnaire by the police. Well, I understand that he likes a quiz. Whilst we await the outcome, people continue to speculate about what the implications will be if the Prime Minister is… Continue reading Does it add up?

The pandemic elephant in the room. What happened to our reformed theology?

This is a little bit of a lament.  I come from the Reformed tradition theologically.  We pride ourselves in this tradition on deep theological reflection. This theological reflection is meant to be rooted in detailed exegesis of the text set within two important theological disciplines, Biblical Theology which enables us to see how God’s redemptive… Continue reading The pandemic elephant in the room. What happened to our reformed theology?

COVID update 03/02/2022

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Through the last year or so, I’ve been tracking the COVID19 data for the UK. My aim in reporting this has been to try and help church leaders with decision making around risk management. There have been three aspects to our risk management decisions. First of all, there is the objective and immediate risk of… Continue reading COVID update 03/02/2022

Don’t over infer

This week despite natural disasters and rumours of war in other parts of the world, the UK news has continued to be dominated by the Downing Street parties with Sue Gray providing a much truncated version of her report whilst we await the police investigation.  A few people have tried to excuse or justify the… Continue reading Don’t over infer

COVID-19 risk management update for churches

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With Boris Johnson announcing an end to the “plan-B” measures for England from next Thursday, I thought it might be worth giving a little bit of an update on risk management for England. Unfortunately, this has to be very country specific as the changes will not apply to Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, Here is… Continue reading COVID-19 risk management update for churches

A magnifying glass on my sin

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Back in 2019 I was becoming increasingly irritable and snappy.  I found that my patience was in short supply and that I struggled to find joy and delight in things.  Perhaps it was no surprise then when towards the end of the year I found myself diagnosed with Mixed Anxiety and Depressive Disorder. Things had… Continue reading A magnifying glass on my sin

COVID and church risk management update (31/12/2021)

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We go into 2022 with COVID cases high primarily as a result of the new Omicron variant. Case numbers recorded daily have been at eye watering levels with records broken daily. Currently the expectation is that cases will peak sometime in January but at exactly what level we cannot be certain yet, although it does… Continue reading COVID and church risk management update (31/12/2021)