Returning to the building – our story

This morning, we opened our church building for public worship for the first time since lockdown began. I thought you might like to hear about how we got on. My own church day started around about 8pm. I recorded a message of encouragement for the church family which you can watch back here. We thenContinue reading “Returning to the building – our story”


I started lockdown with a twitter hashtag #SummerIsComing. It was my way of reminding myself and perhaps others that although we were entering a dark period like winter when we would be locked away, huddled at home, these dark times would eventually pass.  We could look forward to summer coming. I said at the timeContinue reading “#SummerIsHere”

Following the science – but which science?

From the start of Coronavirus the Government have repeated the mantra that in all their actions, they have been “following the science.”  However, the idea that there is this thing called “The Science” is rather misleading. It misses two points. The first is that there are various fields of science. This of course includes theContinue reading “Following the science – but which science?”

Could come to church … should come to church – thoughts on leaving lockdown

UK churches are beginning to leave lockdown. We have finally been granted permission to re-open our buildings for public worship. Now, at this stage, we are going to face some collective challenges together.  In many respects, it won’t be easy for us. I am reminded of the incident in Ezra where the rebuilt temple isContinue reading “Could come to church … should come to church – thoughts on leaving lockdown”

Return to the church building -some ideas for the future

Yesterday, I shared an update on our plans to re-open the Chapel building for public worship. We are starting very cautiously and are determined to be meticulous in following the guidelines. There are also some things that the guidelines currently provide for but we have current held back from doing because we want to approachContinue reading “Return to the church building -some ideas for the future”

Why we are going back to the building

From the 4th of July, we will be allowed to re-open the Chapel for worship services and prayer.  As things stand, it looks like we will be fairly constrained in what we do. Current guidelines suggest that singing will not be possible and we will have to observe strict social distancing.  We will not beContinue reading “Why we are going back to the building”

Re-opening Bearwood Chapel for public worship

We now have permission from the Government to re-open our building for public worship.  So, we are really encouraged to be opening this Sunday, 5th July.  I want to take the opportunity here to explain what we are doing. Ina follow up article I will explain why we are taking this approach. I also hopeContinue reading “Re-opening Bearwood Chapel for public worship”

Returning to church buildings – what does the Government guidance say?

From the 4th July, church buildings will be able to re-open for public worship. It is our intention   at Bearwood Chapel to re-open in some format as soon as possible. We will also continue to use social media to provide online connections and services over the coming weeks and months. In two further articles thisContinue reading “Returning to church buildings – what does the Government guidance say?”