COVID and churches – latest situation

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It’s time to give a little update on the COVID situation in order to help with updates to plans, provision and risk assessment for churches.  First of all the good news: WE are currently seeing a fall in the number of deaths reported each day (measured as within 28 days of diagnosis).  This can be… Continue reading COVID and churches – latest situation

Preaching in the middle of a crisis

Over the last couple of days, I ran a little survey on twitter asking people when was the last time they’d heard pastors addressing specific contemporary issues.  You can see the results here and I’m planning to share a few articles later this week with further analysis and discussion of them. One thing that came… Continue reading Preaching in the middle of a crisis

Vaccinating children – a middle road between the scare stories

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There’s a strong possibility that the Government, on the advice of the Chief Medical Officers will decide to offer the COVID-19 vaccine to 12-15 year olds. Given that the JCVI have advised not to offer the vaccine on the basis of individual health benefit v risk calculations, this means that if you are a parent,… Continue reading Vaccinating children – a middle road between the scare stories

“I’ll wait for Survation”

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Survation famously got their 2017 General Election prediction pretty near right when all the other pollsters floundered. So in 2019, when nearly every pollster was calling it for the Conservatives as a clear win, a frequent refrain from those rooting for Jeremy Corbyn was “I’ll wait for Survation”. The hope and belief was that once… Continue reading “I’ll wait for Survation”