The Fragile Task Ahead

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A little while back, I noted that I believe one of the biggest challenges ahead is for medium sized churches in urban areas.  I think there will be a lot of excitement and a lot of opportunities for church plants the other side of COVID and I think that larger churches will in the end… Continue reading The Fragile Task Ahead

Coronavirus and The Church of Jesus Christ

Coronavirus and the Church of Jesus Christ Affinity are putting on a special event next Monday (19th October). “Coronavirus and the Church of Jesus Christ” will provide opportunity to hear some stimulating talks from top speakers, to ask questions and join in discussion as we think through how we can glorify Jesus and care for… Continue reading Coronavirus and The Church of Jesus Christ

The First Council of Coronavirus?

Back before schisms and apostacies kicked in, the way that the Church dealt with challenging issues was to pull people together and Biblically, prayerfully and  thoughtfully hammer things out. Of course sparks flew as sharp disagreement happened. However, those Councils produced moving creeds and thoughtful Theology helping the church to think carefully on issues such… Continue reading The First Council of Coronavirus?