The shame myth

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There’s a little myth that has gained currency over the last 30 years to the point where it is generally held as unchallengeable truth.  The theory goes like this: Western cultures are all about guilt and retribution, Eastern cultures are all about honour and shame.  Reformed/Evangelical Theology has paid too much attention to the former… Continue reading The shame myth

God is still on his throne

One of the things that signalled the death of Queen Elizabeth II was the lowering of the Union Flag at key landmarks. Some people saw the lowering of the flag at Windsor before they heard officially via the BBC. However, there was one flag that was not lowered, the Royal Ensign. This remained because the… Continue reading God is still on his throne

Listen to female theologians and scholars

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There’s been quite a bit of discussion recently about how we make sure that we are listening to and hearing from a  more diverse range of authors and speakers. One specific question is about listening to female theologians and Biblical scholars. I’ve got some further comments to contribute to the conversation in a later blog… Continue reading Listen to female theologians and scholars

The danger of Federal Vision

I’ve mentioned the so-called Federal Vision a few times here.  This is the position associated with James Jordan, Peter Leithart and especially Doug Wilson.  I thought it was worth revisiting it as my social media timeline has been busy again recently for some reason with discussion about Wilson and Federal Vision.  I think as well… Continue reading The danger of Federal Vision

Song of Songs: Appropriate language for describing our relationship with Christ?

As I mentioned in my last post, some people balk at the language in Song of Songs as too sensual or sexual even to be appropriate to describing Christ’s love for us.  Here’s one response: Perhaps they have in mind such lines as: Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth!For your love is… Continue reading Song of Songs: Appropriate language for describing our relationship with Christ?

Who is Song of Songs About?

Earlier this week, I wrote about a tweet by Beth Moore that had caused some controversy and then suggested at the end of my article that perhaps a read of Song of Songs might be helpful to give us a sense of the kind of language employed in Scripture to describe our love for Christ.… Continue reading Who is Song of Songs About?

When you have a dead Christ …

In his recent critique of contemporary conservative evangelicalism, Glen Scrivener talked about the danger that we end up getting as far as the crucifixion in our application of the Gospel. The result is that we have a dead Christ. This is quite the challenge because many of us have long considered this a criticism of… Continue reading When you have a dead Christ …

All Scripture?

Back in the recent little debate about inerrancy, one suggestion was that Evangelical reliance on 2 Timothy 3:16 doesn’t provide enough support for their argument that Scripture is without error because it is inspired by the God who is without error.  Here I want to respond to some of the arguments here God breathed into… Continue reading All Scripture?

Do the Psalms and Prophets disagree with God?

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One thing you’ve probably heard me say frequently is that we need to let God’s Word disagree with us.  In a recent discussion I explained that this is one of the key reasons why I hold to Biblical inerrancy.[1] The comeback to this was that I was imposing an authoritarian understanding of Scripture that neglected… Continue reading Do the Psalms and Prophets disagree with God?