Which came first – Scripture or culture?

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Yesterday I wrote about God, gender, pronouns and the church.  Now, the classic response of liberal theology is to argue that the language we use about God and the church with Christ as groom and church as bride is somewhat arbitrary so that we could reverse it.  Then, it is further suggested that the reason… Continue reading Which came first – Scripture or culture?

God, gender, pronouns and the church

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If you check someone’s social media profile these days, then you are likely to find that they’ll tell you their preferred pronouns. The point is that we are not to assume that they want to identify with a particular gender.  It is considered respectful to allow another person to let you know how they want… Continue reading God, gender, pronouns and the church

Revelation through the lens of the Ukraine invasion

I’ve argued before that when we read Revelation it is applicable to our present situation, not because we attempt to read a detailed chronology of the last days with timings but because we best understand Revelation as offering God’s explanation of the whole of history from the perspective of the end. This means that we… Continue reading Revelation through the lens of the Ukraine invasion

Hostile to God

Our story of humanity so far has been about rebellion and rescue. We’ve seen Adam and Eve sin and face both judgement and grace, we’ve observed this pattern repeated through Cain and Abel. We’ve then watched as evil has filled the earth leading to judgement through cataclysm.  There was salvation in the midst of The… Continue reading Hostile to God

Despicable me

I saw an interesting social media exchange earlier today. One person was outraged at what a well-known football commentator had said about a particular political issue. They’d then described the person as “despicable”.  Someone else had interjected to say “No, you can’t call them despicable.  We describe the actions as despicable.” There’s something important and… Continue reading Despicable me

No, Aslan is not on the move

I’ve mentioned before that one of my pet hates is the tendency of some Christian adults when they get near a microphone at a conference to announce in awed, whispery tones that “Aslan is on the move.”  It’s meant to sound edgy and spiritual.  It’s usually in response to some perceived spiritual moment.  I want… Continue reading No, Aslan is not on the move

The Kingdom of God in Mark

Jesus begins his ministry by announcing the “good news” that the Kingdom of God is near.[1]  Therefore, if we are to benefit from this good news, we need to understand what Jesus means by the phrase “The Kingdom of God.” Firstly, The Kingdom of God is the fulfilment of God’s promises to Israel.  We see… Continue reading The Kingdom of God in Mark

Was Jesus married?

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This is the question posed by Premier Christianity in a recent article.  Not only that but their editor Sam Hailes lays credence to the claim in this tweet. It is concerning that the editors of a mainstream, Christian publication which was traditionally considered at least broadly evangelical could even consider such a piece worthy of… Continue reading Was Jesus married?

Can I say to an unbeliever “God loves you?”

At least one pastor on social media doesn’t think so. This raises some interesting questions. The first of which is can we through a quick scan through Acts draw such a dogmatic conclusion as that the apostles “never” did something. Interestingly, if we are looking for examples from New Testament narrative, my friend -and experienced… Continue reading Can I say to an unbeliever “God loves you?”