Training for ministry is not just about “what” but “who”

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Over time, the pendulum swings back and forth in terms of what is considered a good education.  A few years back, schools were all about so called “child centred learning” where children were to be encouraged to explore and discover for themselves. Teachers were not “the sage on the stage” but “ the guide at… Continue reading Training for ministry is not just about “what” but “who”

Let women learn

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Alistair Chalmers has started a series of articles from a complementation perspective on allowing women’s voices to be heard in church. He gives the extreme example (extreme in logic sadly not necessarily in terms of commonality) of women attending women’s conferences and being taught by men on what it means to be a godly mother… Continue reading Let women learn

Food from around the web ( 3rd April)

There has been much discussion about whether or not we can take communion at this time. You will have already seen my articles on and no doubt also read Garry Williams perspective which I respond to. Here are two more perspectives. Ian Paul writes from an Anglican perspective whilst Andrew Wilson comes from a… Continue reading Food from around the web ( 3rd April)