May 11th … We remember

It’s now 38 years since the Bradford Fire Disaster.  It was the end of the season, Bradford City had been promoted from the old Division 3 (today’s League 1) as champions (no play-offs to fall back on in those days) and received the trophy that day in front of a packed Valley Parade.  Triumph turned… Continue reading May 11th … We remember

How do you know? – Training Course

One of the aims of Faithroots is to provide accessible and practical training for Gospel work. You can find out the different options for training with us on our training pages here. I’m currently working on developing and updating our online training materials. The first tranche of materials are available with workbooks and videos. These… Continue reading How do you know? – Training Course

Pancake Day announcement: Lent series

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I hope you are enjoying tucking into your pancakes. If you are like me, then you probably are in the habit of enjoying this particular day cut off from the moorings of its context as the last day before Lent. The idea was that you used up your eggs, flour, milk and sugar before abstaining… Continue reading Pancake Day announcement: Lent series

What’s coming up on the Faithroots Podcast?

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One of the primary aims of Faithroots – right from the beginning was to help make theological education accessible.  There are two reasons for this.  First, I’ve a specific concern to help encourage and equip people into urban ministry through church planting and revitalisation.  To help with this, I want to see potential pastors equipped… Continue reading What’s coming up on the Faithroots Podcast?

2023 daily devotionals

I’ve tried to include some form of regular devotional piece on Faithroots over the past few years. I hope this is useful for those looking for something to assist with their daily meditation. This has include #DailyDose audio podcasts and through last year, an article most days taking us into a little more detail in… Continue reading 2023 daily devotionals

Happy New Year

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Wishing all of you a happy New Year. May you know God’s peace, presence and joy in 2023. Thank you for taking time, not just to read this blog in 2022 but also for the many of you praying for and supporting the work of encouraging and equipping urban mission. love from Dave and Sarah

Responding to the Prime Minister’s resignation

Well another Prime Minister has gone. I just popped upstairs for a few minutes to wrap Sarah’s Birthday present and came back downstairs again to find it was all change. Here are a couple of initial thoughts. First that response of anger and sadness at the utter mess is right. The people harmed most by… Continue reading Responding to the Prime Minister’s resignation

Where did it all go wrong for Kwasi Kwarteng -and what can we learn from it?

o, Kwasi Kwarteng’s short and eventful time in office as Chancellor of the Exchequer is over.  How did it go so wrong?  Here was a man who was both a close friend of the Prime Minister and was united with her in a shared vision for how to take Britain forward economically.  That vision was… Continue reading Where did it all go wrong for Kwasi Kwarteng -and what can we learn from it?