New Horizons – Spring Update

Dear friends, Here’s an update for those of you who like to stay in touch with our plans and pray for us. Admittedly, when we first shared with you late last year that we were moving on from Bearwood Chapel, we hoped that by Easter, things would be much clearer about where we might endContinue reading “New Horizons – Spring Update”

Book update – The Pastor with a thorn in his side

Some of you will know that I recently contributed a chapter to a book coming out in May about pastors facing depression. The aim of the book is not only to help fellow pastors cope with depression and their churches to support them but to encourage a wider conversation about mental health and the church.Continue reading “Book update – The Pastor with a thorn in his side”

Coming soon – “The Pastor with a thorn in his side.”

Over the past few years, I’ve heard more and more stories about pastors who have battled with depression. I was aware of one or two guys that had suffered in the past but it wasn’t really talked about much. Then guys like Steve Kneale began to write publicly about their experience which encouraged others toContinue reading “Coming soon – “The Pastor with a thorn in his side.””

Join us for Faithroots Live on Wednesday

Once again you are invited to our Faithroots Live day. The aim is to provide some more in depth teaching and training for those who would appreciate it but for various reasons might not be able to access traditional theological education. All are welcome and it’s free of charge. Join us at 9am for devotions.Continue reading “Join us for Faithroots Live on Wednesday”

Faithroots Live 17th Feb 2021

This Wednesday, once again we have a programme of live events on the Faithroots Urban Facebook page. The aim of the day is to provide teaching, training and encouragement particularly for Those seeking to serve God in urban contexts Those who want to dig deeper but might not be able to access traditional Theological training.Continue reading “Faithroots Live 17th Feb 2021”

Faithroots Wednesday

Join us for live teaching, training and encouragement today.  9:00am Morning Prayer with devotions – Lord of Space and Time (Matthew 12:1-13) 2:00pm Gospel Maths (part 2)  Pandemic proofing the church 8:00pm The finale of “Life in the presence of the Living God” as we look at Deuteronomy 33 and 34. All live sessions areContinue reading “Faithroots Wednesday”

Welcome to Faithroots Live Wednesday

This is something new that we’ll be trying each Wednesday.  I’m aiming to include as much live content as possible throughout he day via our Facebook page. The reason for this is that one of my concerns is to help provide training resources for those engaging in urban ministry and particularly for those who mightContinue reading “Welcome to Faithroots Live Wednesday”

Faithroots Live Wednesdays

After a Christmas/New Year break we’ll be back on Wednesday for Faithroots Live. One f my aims has been to provide teaching and training online, particularly but not exclusively with those called to urban contexts in mind.  So, with a little bit of free time on my hand as we await our next posting andContinue reading “Faithroots Live Wednesdays”

Faithroots Urban Mission and Urban Training

As you know, our exact longer term future is rather up in the air. We’ve been taking time over the last couple of months to listen to options and will now be giving a lot of prayer as we seek discernment on where to follow up. We’ll hopefully be able to share a bit moreContinue reading “Faithroots Urban Mission and Urban Training”