This Sunday we celebrate

2020  hasn’t been a great year has it?  Most of us would like to be able to reset the clock to December 31st and start again. So we may not feel like sharing in the usual celebrations.  This is made harder because the logistics make it impossible to celebrate as we would like to.  ThisContinue reading “This Sunday we celebrate”

Harvest Festival

It’s our annual Harvest Festival this weekend. Normally, we would be welcoming everyone to a packed Chapel building for a big service together and we would gather in collections of food. However, we are not in normal times. However, we still want to celebrate God’s goodness to us, have a sense of the whole churchContinue reading “Harvest Festival”

Sabbath Rest -Do we need to keep Sunday special?

When I was growing up, there was still a strong emphasis on keeping Sunday as a special day, the Christian Sabbath.  In a lot of church cultures, the expectation was that you attended church at least twice, wore your Sunday best and that activities during the day were limited to those considered spiritually edifying. SundayContinue reading “Sabbath Rest -Do we need to keep Sunday special?”