Leaving faithfully

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So, what happens when it is necessary to leave your current church?  This may be because: You are having to move due to work or family reasons There’s a specific opportunity to serve God in a new context You disagree with the church over a significant issue in terms of doctrine, direction of travel etc.[1]… Continue reading Leaving faithfully

Be careful with your offence

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When Steve Chalke infamously used his punchline comparing Penal Substitution to “cosmic child abuse” a lot of people picked up on how offensive this was  towards God. I think Chalke’s defence would be that it could not be offensive to God because the God he believed in had not punished his son on our behalf… Continue reading Be careful with your offence

Teaching Proverbs

It’s probably a book of the Bible rarely preached on as a sequential expository series. People tend to focus on individual proverbs in isolation. However, when I spent time with a local church working through Proverbs as a teaching series, we found it deeply helpful and encouraging. So, if you are looking for a future… Continue reading Teaching Proverbs

Is it always wrong to run?

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It’s a classic sermon challenge “What are you running away from?” It’s a good challenge. Often people are on the run. Shame, guilt and fear are the primary causes of running. We are afraid that our shame and guilt will be exposed, we are afraid of enemies, of mocking, of abuse. But, I remember being… Continue reading Is it always wrong to run?

Don’t Be Afraid (Matthew 10:16-42)

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There are fewer and fewer people alive who can remember the horrors of the Second World War, what it was like to live through the Blitz, how to survive on rations etc.  We do sadly have men and women who have served in recent wars, many have suffered terrible injuries as well as PTSD. This… Continue reading Don’t Be Afraid (Matthew 10:16-42)

Pastoral Apologetics

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Pastoral Apologetics My approach to apologetics is founded in the assumption that most people are not asking the types of questions that philosophers are asking. They are not trying to work out if there are proofs that there is a God. We have been conditioned into thinking that this is a reasonable question to ask… Continue reading Pastoral Apologetics

Matters of conscience and matters of wisdom

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This is a quick response to my friend Steve’s article this morning. Today, Steve has commented on the issues with identifying something as a matter of conscience. Some people seem to treat a “matter of conscience” as a kind of subjective route into saying that they can hold to their own personal truth unchallenged.  As… Continue reading Matters of conscience and matters of wisdom

Yes Advice changes!

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You know how when you are driving through town, you get instructed by the road sign to drive at 40 miles per hour? It’s very frustrating when 5 minutes later those in charge of the road change their minds and tell you to drive at 30 miles per hour.  Then to compound things you turn… Continue reading Yes Advice changes!