You don’t have to be my Facebook friend

I was asked a brilliant question the other day. The questioner explained that they have friends on social media who they really struggle with, they find their regular comments about immigration hard to stomach and often there is an undercurrent of racism.  For balance, they observed that they find some of the Black Lives MatterContinue reading “You don’t have to be my Facebook friend”

Keswick non-conventional

Just back from Keswick. We were meant to be there for the convention but due to a little thing called COVID-19 the main event was cancelled. We had decided early on to keep our booking for the lodge we were meant to stay in. This was partly in hope of at least a break. AtContinue reading “Keswick non-conventional”

Facing Depression (The videos)

A lot of people struggle with emotional health issues. There is a good chance that either you or someone close to you has, or is going to face depression at some point.  I wanted to share some helps for those who are either struggling with anxiety depression or are walking with someone who is depressed.Continue reading “Facing Depression (The videos)”