What should we do about online church after the pandemic ends?

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If the government roadmap goes according to plan in England, churches will be able to fully reopen again from the 21st of June. During the pandemic, most of us have been providing online content for the many people who have been unable to attend our services in person. During that time, we have learnt that… Continue reading What should we do about online church after the pandemic ends?

Twitter Church?

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The big debate over the past 12 months has been about whether our online activities during lockdown counted as church worship services and whether it was possible to do things like share communion online. My position throughout has been that given the specific context we found ourselves in, that yes the online provision  did count… Continue reading Twitter Church?

You don’t have to be my Facebook friend

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I was asked a brilliant question the other day. The questioner explained that they have friends on social media who they really struggle with, they find their regular comments about immigration hard to stomach and often there is an undercurrent of racism.  For balance, they observed that they find some of the Black Lives Matter… Continue reading You don’t have to be my Facebook friend

Why talking about virtual church is unhelpful

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My friend John was in the later stages of Motor neurons disease. Each Sunday he would come to church and each Friday to our home group. He’d had surgery on his throat and so was no longer able to speak. He relied on one of these voice synthesizers made famous by Stephen Hawking. Several of… Continue reading Why talking about virtual church is unhelpful

Pastoring in a pandemic

One of the most read, most quoted, most promoted books amongst Christian leaders is “The Reformed Pastor” by Richard Baxter.   Baxter was a minister who served in Kidderminster at the time of the English Civil War.  The book describes his methods in seeking to care spiritually for his parish. It is also one of the… Continue reading Pastoring in a pandemic