Engaging Kevin DeYoung on empathy

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I want to give a bit of space to engaging with this article by Kevin De Young. It’s sparked some controversy and quite emotional responses on social media. To understand why, a bit of context is needed.  De Young’s article doesn’t come out of completely nowhere. Rather, a debate had already been sparked by comments… Continue reading Engaging Kevin DeYoung on empathy

The happy narcissist

It’s not too difficult to spot a narcissist. They are the ones who believe that the world revolves around them. They have an excessively high view of their own importance and abilities.  Now, to be clear narcissism should not be confused with confidence.  It is possible to have a natural confidence and awareness of your… Continue reading The happy narcissist

Facing Depression – prominent causes

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In this audio podcast, I talk about some of the prominent causes of depression including physical/medical causes, the direct consequences of others’ words and actions, and spiritual causes of depression Video versions of these talks are all available on YouTube

Church Discipline and Church abuse

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There’s been some recent discussion on social media about the use of church discipline and whether or not it can be harmful and lead to examples of abuse.  The discussion was prompted by this article by Steve Kneale which was then shared by John Stevens – you can read the thread below John’s tweet to… Continue reading Church Discipline and Church abuse

Talking about church culture -and how to change it

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One of the things coming out of the recent bullying and abuse scandals within the evangelical church has been the beginning of a conversation about church culture and the need for reformation.  I am going to give a little bit of attention to the question here. At this stage, it is important to emphasise the… Continue reading Talking about church culture -and how to change it

The fear factor

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One of the issues that emerged from the Jonathan Fletcher review was the prevalence of fear amongst those affected by the case.  The review comments: A further factor which is of great importance is fear. As has been explained, the level of fear some participants held was palpable in interviews and email correspondence. Repeated reassurances… Continue reading The fear factor

What not to take away from the Meghan and Harry interview

Well the Meghan and Harry interview has done its work in generating a lot of opinion and discussion. It seems to me that polarisation is likely to align along pre-established lines. Steve Kneale writes here about how it is likely to reflect culture with Meghan and Harry’s approach and therefore support reflecting a younger, new… Continue reading What not to take away from the Meghan and Harry interview

What you don’t do is start a witch hunt

One of the standout claims from the Oprah Winfrey interview is the claim that a member of the royal household made racist comments about the potential skin tone of baby Archie.  The accusation is hard hitting in the context of current concerns about racism’s effect on our society and to be honest has that edge… Continue reading What you don’t do is start a witch hunt

Who made who cry?

One of the stories circulating around the Harry and Meghan controversy is about whether or not Meghan made Kate cry during preparations for the Royal Wedding.  The story has circulated for some time that something happened during rehearsals that reduced Kate to tears. In the Oprah interview, Meghan sought to set the record straight.  She… Continue reading Who made who cry?