Should Christians disagree on social media?

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Social media, whether it’s twitter or Facebook (I assume that TikTok and Instagram have the same challenges but I’m not trendy or young enough to know) isn’t always the easiest place to be. Friends fall out quickly, words are said, others are muted, unfriended and blocked.  It can become toxic very quickly. Sadly, that seems… Continue reading Should Christians disagree on social media?

Food from around the worldwide web (15-05-2022)

Occasionally I provide a round up of articles that others have been writing about. Here’s the latest. 3 reasons Christians slander one another -it’s something we know shouldn’t happen and yet seems to happen a lot. Why? Is this approach to complementarianism just dressed up egalitarianism – this is a slightly similar issue, not so… Continue reading Food from around the worldwide web (15-05-2022)

Using social media as a shop window into your church

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Churches put a lot of effort into the appearance of their buildings, particularly taking time to create inviting entrance foyers that enable people to see in and feel able to come in. We know the effect of a church building with closed, heavy, austere doors.  We know the impact of walking into a building which… Continue reading Using social media as a shop window into your church

Twitter Church?

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The big debate over the past 12 months has been about whether our online activities during lockdown counted as church worship services and whether it was possible to do things like share communion online. My position throughout has been that given the specific context we found ourselves in, that yes the online provision  did count… Continue reading Twitter Church?

You don’t have to be my Facebook friend

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I was asked a brilliant question the other day. The questioner explained that they have friends on social media who they really struggle with, they find their regular comments about immigration hard to stomach and often there is an undercurrent of racism.  For balance, they observed that they find some of the Black Lives Matter… Continue reading You don’t have to be my Facebook friend


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If you are on social media then you are probably familiar with the idea of being able to “block” someone. The function is available on facebook and twitter. Blocking means that they can no longer see your messages or interact with you. On Twitter it means that you won’t initially see their tweets though you… Continue reading Blocked