If you are going to troll Christians at least get some basics right!

Here is Professor Alice Roberts (Professor of Public Engagement with Science at Birmingham University) expressing her views on Christianity. She goes on in her thread to raise the typical humanist complaint about Christiasn engaging in education and public life.  Now, leaving aside any major disagreements about theology or philosophy, here are the bigger concerns.  FirstContinue reading “If you are going to troll Christians at least get some basics right!”

We are literally broken by our hyperbole

Every year, my wife and I have a kind of traditional conversation. I ask her what she is working on and she tells me that she is preparing the “persuasive writing” class for her students where they will learn about a number of rhetorical devises.  I then respond with a grumble about how that isContinue reading “We are literally broken by our hyperbole”

The death of public discourse

The other day, I wrote about this tweet and video clip Steve Kneale also managed to get himself into a bit of a twitter storm due to his comments on the clip. He has written about it here and here.  One thing stands out for me though and it is this. As Steve rightly notesContinue reading “The death of public discourse”

How to be a devil’s advocate

To be honest I’d rather that people wouldn’t. The Devil seems to be perfectly capable of being his own advocate and has a whole following of supporters genuinely willing to advocate for him. Furthermore, too often, it seems to me that “I’m just playing devil’s advocate” is what someone says when their argument has beenContinue reading “How to be a devil’s advocate”

Assessing motives (what we can and cannot do)

Jesus is able to assess the heart, we cannot. This means a good rule of thumb when dealing with others in debate is that we should seek to respond to what they are actually saying, not what their motives or intentions are. Indeed,  we should seek to assume the best of others, taking a charitableContinue reading “Assessing motives (what we can and cannot do)”

God in the dock -challenges to his greatness and goodness

Here’s another article “out of the freezer” addressing questions about God changing and having emotions. We can choose to believe either truth or lies about God. Earlier, we named the lies: that God is not good and/or God is not great/ sovereign. That if there is a God, then he must be either infinite andContinue reading “God in the dock -challenges to his greatness and goodness”

God, Change and Debate – a recent controversy revisited.

Back in late 2017/early 2018, I wrote a couple of articles about theological debate.  They were in response to a book recently published called “All that is in God” by James Dolezal where he took to task a number of notable theologians including John Frame, Don Carson and Wayne Grudem.  I have managed to digContinue reading “God, Change and Debate – a recent controversy revisited.”

Qualifications matter -why an appeal to authority isn’t always wrong

A follow on from the Douglas Carswell tweet which I mentioned in the previous post was, a twitter interaction with someone that went something as follows: Them: “The WHO have been dreadful during the virus. A lot of the measures including the 2 metre rule are nonsense.” Me: “Are you a doctor or epidemiologist? DoContinue reading “Qualifications matter -why an appeal to authority isn’t always wrong”