Truth and birthday cake

Yesterday, the House of Commons agreed to a motion calling for an investigation of Boris Johnson. That investigation will focus on whether or not the Prime Minister mislead parliament when responding to questions about alleged parties at Downing Street during the lockdowns. The debate both inside the House of Commons and wider in the media… Continue reading Truth and birthday cake

Keep within the lines

Remember when you learnt to colour in as a child? The priority was not to be an amazing artist on day one or to demonstrate your creativity. You had one job. Keep within the lines.  The rule rule applies to theology too, especially when talking about the Trinity. There are a few new books coming… Continue reading Keep within the lines

My big concern about the Trinity Debate

In the debate and conversations about The Trinity one thing has particularly concerned me. To be clear, it’s not that I’m unbothered about the risk of theological error. I hope that comes through in my own articles. However, I’ve been struck by our struggle to disagree well and how much of that arises out of… Continue reading My big concern about the Trinity Debate

Submission revisited – why the Trinity debate matters

What we believe affects how we live. This means that you can’t really just have academic debates about Theology. Recent debates about the Trinity matter for two reasons.  First because the most crucial aspect of how we live is our desire to know, love, worship, glorify and enjoy God. If we get our doctrine wrong… Continue reading Submission revisited – why the Trinity debate matters

Eternal Generation revisited

One of the key elements of the recent debate about the Trinity is the place of Eternal Generation in our understanding of who The Son is.  For many years some of those who held to the so called Eternal Functional Subordination position expressed scepticism about this, notably Wayne Grudem and Bruce Ware.  Grudem has commented:… Continue reading Eternal Generation revisited

The Trinity Debate revisited: How are the Son and the Father revealed?

Over the past few years, a little debate keeps cropping up about the Trinity and how The Father and The Son relate to each other.  There are three parts to the question. Does the Son submit to the Father? If the Son does submit, is this with regards to his human nature only or is… Continue reading The Trinity Debate revisited: How are the Son and the Father revealed?

Knowing God … knowing Jesus

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This is a kind of footnote to my article that looked at what we can say about The Trinity and what we can learn from the Trinity. In response to that article, Daniel Blanche made these provocative remarks. Was his comment fair? Well, yes, I think there is a fair challenge to be answered here. … Continue reading Knowing God … knowing Jesus

Is it impossible to learn from the Trinity?

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One of the bones of contention in the debate between EFS advocates and neo-classical theists is whether or not we can apply things from the inner relationships of the Trinity to life today.  EFS has predominated amongst theologians and pastors from a complementarian background. The idea that the Father and Son are equal in nature… Continue reading Is it impossible to learn from the Trinity?