Submission revisited – why the Trinity debate matters

What we believe affects how we live. This means that you can’t really just have academic debates about Theology. Recent debates about the Trinity matter for two reasons.  First because the most crucial aspect of how we live is our desire to know, love, worship, glorify and enjoy God. If we get our doctrine wrong… Continue reading Submission revisited – why the Trinity debate matters

Men Women and Leadership … in practice

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I hope you’ve found the recent #FaithrootsLive series helpful. The aim has not been to court controversy but help us to think better about how to honour Christ and love his church. Here’s the last in the series where we Consider some of the potential objections and criticisms of complementarianism Begin to think about how… Continue reading Men Women and Leadership … in practice

Is complementarianism harmful and dangerous?

In our #FaithrootsLive sessions we’ve been looking at church leadership and the roles than men and women can/should play in this.  I come from what is usually referred to as a “complementarian” position.  Now, one of the challenges about this conversation is that it is a difficult, if not impossible conversation to have because as… Continue reading Is complementarianism harmful and dangerous?

Calvin on marriage

I’ve been sharing Calvin’s thoughts on the relationships between slaves and masters, parents and children and, wives and husbands with a little bit of commentary. I’ve been doing this because despite presumptions that the concept of mutual submission is a modern egalitarian idea, we find that Calvin writing 500 years early understood Ephesians 5:21 to… Continue reading Calvin on marriage

A lens to look through

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In this week’s #FaithrootsLive we continued to examine the issue of male and female leadership roles in church by beginning to look at hermeneutics. How do we know that we are interpreting and applying the passages that talk about men and women correctly? In order to answer the question, we are considering a case study… Continue reading A lens to look through

Watch back #FaithrootsLive “Men and women (1)”

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For those who missed this week’s Faithroots Live you an watch back and interact here. One of the aims of Faithroots is to provide additional theological teaching and training for those who want it but would not be able to access normal theological training through seminaries/theological colleges. I provide this through articles on this website,… Continue reading Watch back #FaithrootsLive “Men and women (1)”

Male and female leadership questions (5) Implications for church life

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First of all, I think we can rule out two extremes.  We cannot take the egalitarian approach but nor can we endorse the traditional Brethren approach and a number of traditional approaches which in effect fail to recognise that women are equal in nature.  We should recognise that sadly churches have got this badly wrong… Continue reading Male and female leadership questions (5) Implications for church life