#TheDailyDose – Hosea 5 addresses the leaders of Israel, priests and royalty. It is helpful therefore for church leaders to hear the challenge but we must also remember that the New Testament addresses us as a “Royal Priesthood” so that this sobering chapter challenges us all. Audio version Video Version

Complementarianism and Singleness

I want to engage a little bit further on the question of complementarianism and its implications for church life.  I want to pick up particularly on a question raised by someone on twitter  which was to the affect of “what does complementarianism have to say to single people?” They used themselves as an example, theyContinue reading “Complementarianism and Singleness”

Fathers and mothers – implications of family models for the church

In my posts about church culture and in my recent article about complementarianism, I’ve argued that we need to seek a church culture that functions more like a family and less like a club, institution or business. In that context, I want to suggest that elders in the church function a bit like the fathersContinue reading “Fathers and mothers – implications of family models for the church”

Changing our culture – the relationship between church leaders and church members

In my previous post, I talked about how to reform church culture towards a grace culture by focusing on our relationship towards one another as characterised by humility.   Today, I want to talk about how leaders and congregations should relate to each other. Here are two important scriptures on the subject.  First of all, weContinue reading “Changing our culture – the relationship between church leaders and church members”

Little leopards …

The reports have come out on the Jonathan Fletcher case and they make for sober reading. Fletcher was the pastor of a church in London and over the past few yers, in an alarming similarity to the accusations against John Smyth, it emerged that he had introduced an abusive regime of punishment beatings with vulnerableContinue reading “Little leopards …”

When an elder is accused

It’s the thing that any church dreads, someone coming and bringing an accusation against a pastor or elder. In fact, it is something that elders and pastors dread too. Elders, sadly make enemies as they seek to confront and challenge sin, so the possibility is real that someone might seek to get back at youContinue reading “When an elder is accused”

Elders should be above reproach

I’ve been sharing a few thoughts about aspects of church life over the past few days to help those who are seeking to plant or replant churches think through the practicalities of church life.  In this previous article, I wrote about elders and what they should do, today I want to talk about what eldersContinue reading “Elders should be above reproach”

Church decision making – methods and majorities

This is a follow up to my article on how we go about making decisions as churches. In my previous article, I talked about when decisions should be made by church leaders and when they should be made by the whole congregation all together. Today, I’d like to talk about the nuts and bolts ofContinue reading “Church decision making – methods and majorities”

How does your church make decisions?

This is something that new church plants are going to have to consider. There are two main ways of approaching this. The first is to place decision making primarily in the hands of leaders, either the specific leaders of a congregation or leaders over a group of churches in a denomination, diocese or presbytery.  InContinue reading “How does your church make decisions?”