The Lord’s favour

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We now arrive at one of those big hitter chapters in Isaiah, one of the best-known parts of Scripture and the bit that Jesus takes and makes his manifesto at the outset of his ministry.  Having seen how Isaiah has built up to focus on the Servant as the one who ushers in God’s reign,… Continue reading The Lord’s favour

Saying goodbye to mum: Between joy and grief

On December 2nd at just around 4am in the morning, my mum went to be with her Lord and Saviour.  It has been a roller coaster 10 days prior to this.  Mum had gone into hospital the week previously for planned surgery knowing that at her age there were risks but confident in Jesus that… Continue reading Saying goodbye to mum: Between joy and grief

What shall we do with Halloween?

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It’s strange isn’t it that October 31st has become quite the big deal in some ways, yet less so in other ways.  In fact, that’s true of this time of year generally.  Back when I was a child in the 1970s-80s, there were things that were big about late October/early November.  Bonfire Night was fast… Continue reading What shall we do with Halloween?

Greed, taxes, values and vision

Yesterday I wrote about how Liz Truss and Kwasi Kwarteng had got into trouble despite seemingly having a shared vision. To be absolutely clear, whilst I find politics and economics both very interesting discussions, my aim in that article and this isn’t to provoke debate on those two things but rather to try and suggest… Continue reading Greed, taxes, values and vision

Reflections on Commonwealth Games outreach

Just a couple of months back and it felt like the Commonwealth Games were going to go by pretty much unnoticed by Christians/churches. A few years back when the news first emerged that the games were switching from Durban to Birmingham, we had been asking the question “are there opportunities for churches to witness?” but… Continue reading Reflections on Commonwealth Games outreach

Recycling and making it hard for people to do what we expect of them

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Apparently, Birmingham has the dubious honour of being ranked at the bottom of the recycling table with only 22.5% of waste being recycled.  Having lived here for a month, I’m not surprised.  Our recycling centre (what we used to call the Tip) is closed currently and our recycling is collected fortnightly.  At least we know… Continue reading Recycling and making it hard for people to do what we expect of them

Travelling Light (Mark 6:6-13)

Jesus has called twelve followers to specifically be with him as disciples. The number twelve was symbolic. If he was the new king of Israel, then they represented the beginning of new Israel, twelve apostles for twelve tribes.  Now, he sends them out. They become involved in his mission, apostles are those who are commissioned… Continue reading Travelling Light (Mark 6:6-13)

A genuine grace saturated culture? Don’t lose the challenge

This is kind of a postscript or P.S following my two articles on Evangelical futures.  There’s a further PPS to come in a few days where I want to talk about the positive aspects of Australian/Sydney Anglican influence on UK Evangelicalism. In this article I want to talk about two linked things that primarily are… Continue reading A genuine grace saturated culture? Don’t lose the challenge

Swifter, smaller, simpler

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Our church family have just been on a weekend away. We are part of a family of churches that originated out of the same plant and are seeking to reach Birmingham with the Gospel.  The church holiday brought the three congregations together. During the weekend, one of the speakers talked about our vision as a… Continue reading Swifter, smaller, simpler