Fallow Ground

Photo by Nicolas Becker on Pexels.com

Ancient Israel was expected to observe sabbath years (every 7) and jubilee years every 50. Those years were meant to allow for the release of slaves, cancellation of debt, return of property to tribal/clan ownership and rest for the land with the fields left fallow. Whilst those laws were specific to Israel and so not… Continue reading Fallow Ground

“Who are these people?” … “These are our neighbours”

It was meant to be the year of street parties and festival.  We were celebrating the Queen’s Jubilee year. However as is often the case, plans were disrupted by a summer wash out as the heavens opened.  Some events were scaled back others cancelled. But we persisted in our organisation of a “Chapel Street Party”… Continue reading “Who are these people?” … “These are our neighbours”

Rest: Sabbaths, cycles, recessions and plagues

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I remember listening to a lecturer at University argue that you could track world economic activity against 50 year cycles. Each cycle would include a period of growth and a period of decline.  He argued that in fact there was little that government intervention could do to change the overall direction of things. In his… Continue reading Rest: Sabbaths, cycles, recessions and plagues