Evangelism and the local church (1) Keep it simple

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I’m sometimes asked about my approach to evangelism. I’ve particularly been asked this question a lot recently as we’ve been in conversations with churches about future ministry and I remember it coming up when I was interviewed at Bearwood.  My answer to the question is: “We live in an area and get to  know people… Continue reading Evangelism and the local church (1) Keep it simple

… but what if we haven’t had any new people join us?

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When I asked my followers on twitter whether or not they were seeing new to church people at their in person meetings, 13.1% said that they hadn’t seen any new people at all.  I can’t really ignore that part of the poll, so wanted to share some thoughts here.  That’s not least because if you… Continue reading … but what if we haven’t had any new people join us?

What our Afghan friends need right now

Yesterday I wrote about where the battle for Afghanistan was lost. I argued that the fate of the Afghan people was sealed at Doha when the US signed a deal with the Taliban. Consider the impact of that.  The people knew well what a return of the Taliban would mean: torture, rape, slavery, death.  Yet… Continue reading What our Afghan friends need right now

Christians don’t (shouldn’t) bear grudges

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One of the saddest things in Christian life is when you meet or hear about people, sometimes within the same church who have not spoken for years. Similarly you can even discover churches where there has been rivalry going on since a split decades ago.  Sometimes Christians will disagree sharply. The Apostle Paul disagreed with… Continue reading Christians don’t (shouldn’t) bear grudges

Unrepentant (Matthew 11:20-24)

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What will it take to get you to repent?  That’s quite a blunt way to start an article isn’t it?  Repent of what exactly? And who am I to ask that of you? Isn’t the concept of repentance itself all a bit judgemental? Yet at the heart of the Bible’s good news message is a… Continue reading Unrepentant (Matthew 11:20-24)

Being Salty – Taste and See

“You are the salt of the earth, but if salt has lost its taste, how shall its saltiness be restored?”[1] “Taste and see that the Lord is good;”[2] Salt has a number of qualities, with regards to food, it acts as a preservative, but it also acts to enhance flavour.  I think it is helpful to think of… Continue reading Being Salty – Taste and See

Being Salty – We hide our light when …

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“Witness … and where necessary use words.” It was one of the most over used, cliched and patently false little sayings doing the rounds when I was at uni.  I think people also tried, without factual evidence to attribute it to St Francis of Assisi. The point is that you always, always need to use… Continue reading Being Salty – We hide our light when …

Being Salty – a light that cannot be hidden

During the Second World War, every effort was made to protect  London and major cities from the Luftwaffe bombers. So, street-lights were switched off and black-out curtains fitted.  However, it is very hard to hide a city, especially an ancient city set proudly on a mountain top. In fact ancient warfare did not really require… Continue reading Being Salty – a light that cannot be hidden