Celebrating Easter with joyful praise

When we first arrived at Bearwood Chapel, there didn’t seem to have been a significant emphasis on Easter. The Brethren tradition tends to particularly stay away from church calendar occasions. However, we had a few people, particularly but not exclusively from the older end of the church who wanted to make a bigger thing of… Continue reading Celebrating Easter with joyful praise

Making Expository Worship happen

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How can we encourage an appetite for Expository Worship?  Here are a few more thoughts. 1. Get people to look at what they are singing.  For example, before you sing a hymn, ask people to look at a verse – what stands out to them? Are there lines they like? Where are we getting this… Continue reading Making Expository Worship happen

Expository Worship

Photo by Laura Stanley on Pexels.com

In his book “Nine Marks of a Healthy Church,” Mark Dever makes Expositional Preaching his first and most important mark of healthy church life.[1]  I want to suggest that Dever is right to give expositional preaching such a central position, but that he does not go far enough. Why is Expositional Preaching so important? Dever… Continue reading Expository Worship

How might the Psalms help us in our walk and worship?

A close up of a KJV Bible open to Psalm 107 with wheat.

Yesterday I wrote about why we do not need to sing the Psalms. In response, I’ve heard from people about how helpful they personally and their churches have found singing them.  It is important not to confuse two things here. It is very different to say “you don’t have to sing them”  to saying “you… Continue reading How might the Psalms help us in our walk and worship?

And breathe – you don’t need to sing The Psalms

One of the big changes with The Reformation was a movement towards congregational singing. Prior to that, the expectation was that the laity sat and observed whilst the clergy performed the mass.  So Reformed and Lutheran churches seeking to involve all members in gathered worship began to provide metrical versions of Psalms (with words set… Continue reading And breathe – you don’t need to sing The Psalms

Contemporary worship songs by subject

One of the things many people involved in leading worship miss about having a traditional hymn book is the provision of an index that sorts songs by subject. The benefits of such an index are twofold. First, it enables you to choose songs linked to the specific sermon theme that week, secondly it enables you… Continue reading Contemporary worship songs by subject

Masks and actors, Fathers and Sons (Matthew 6:1-24)

When I was younger, there was one person’s seal of approval that mattered. I suspect I am not alone in this and to some extent I suspect it remains true today.  Whether it was the school reports, my first and only successful attempt at woodwork, my exam grades, my choice of girlfriend (and eventually wife),… Continue reading Masks and actors, Fathers and Sons (Matthew 6:1-24)