Updated data and thoughts for church COVID risk assessments

As promised here’s an update on where I think we are in terms of COVID-19 and its impact on our return to in person church gatherings. First of all, here’s an update on the data. The first important graph is the one showing case growth. As you can see, we saw a return to positive… Continue reading Updated data and thoughts for church COVID risk assessments

Singing Lessons

In recent posts I’ve suggested we might need to be cautious about the assumption that the 19th July will immediately inaugurate the return of full churches, no masks and a return to congregational singing. I suggested that an interim step might be to encourage different parts of the congregation to sing either a whole song… Continue reading Singing Lessons

Maybe we can sing a bit sooner …

This is a postscript to yesterday’s post about singing. No sooner was it up on the blog to read and the Welsh Government changed the dynamics a bit. They put out new guidance allowing for congregational singing. There were specific conditions attached including thorough risk mitigation and guidance about the prevelance of the virus in… Continue reading Maybe we can sing a bit sooner …

How might the Psalms help us in our walk and worship?

A close up of a KJV Bible open to Psalm 107 with wheat.

Yesterday I wrote about why we do not need to sing the Psalms. In response, I’ve heard from people about how helpful they personally and their churches have found singing them.  It is important not to confuse two things here. It is very different to say “you don’t have to sing them”  to saying “you… Continue reading How might the Psalms help us in our walk and worship?

And breathe – you don’t need to sing The Psalms

One of the big changes with The Reformation was a movement towards congregational singing. Prior to that, the expectation was that the laity sat and observed whilst the clergy performed the mass.  So Reformed and Lutheran churches seeking to involve all members in gathered worship began to provide metrical versions of Psalms (with words set… Continue reading And breathe – you don’t need to sing The Psalms

Are we commanded to sing?

This is a little follow up to my articles on singing in our hearts and on the Creeds. One of the questions that keeps coming up is about the command to sing corporately.  This is particularly important for people who follow what is sometimes referred to as “The Regulative Principle.”  There are two approaches to… Continue reading Are we commanded to sing?

Can we just sing in our hearts?

At the present time, Government guidance to churches is clear, we should not participate in congregation singing as there remain concerns about coronavirus being spread through singing and shouting. The option is there to listen to the songs. So, how are we to respond to this?  So far, I have seen three approaches to this.… Continue reading Can we just sing in our hearts?

Singing ourselves to death? Really?

I’ve been slow to respond to this one because to be honest, I just wasn’t sure how.  In a recent Evangelicals Now article, Lee Gattis asked “Have we been singing ourselves to death?”  The reason I wasn’t sure how to respond was because, even allowing for the desire to catch attention and provoke a response,… Continue reading Singing ourselves to death? Really?