Maybe we can sing a bit sooner …

This is a postscript to yesterday’s post about singing. No sooner was it up on the blog to read and the Welsh Government changed the dynamics a bit. They put out new guidance allowing for congregational singing. There were specific conditions attached including thorough risk mitigation and guidance about the prevelance of the virus in a given area.

Following that guidance would mean that some churches might be able to include singing if :

  • Cases locally are low and not increasing
  • The building is large enough to allow good ventilation and spacing
  • Masks continue to be warn.
  • You are linked into robust test and trace (I would want everyone to be signing in and if not yet fully vaccinated to take a lateral flow test prior to and after gathering)

This means that Wales is offering different guidance to England and that means it changes things a little because if your health and saftey inspector is looking to see if you are acting wisely and managing risks they now need to take into account that there is within the UK conflicting advice. It, in my opinion gives you a little more leeway to go against the guidance.

I would still air on the side of caution here because it would be better to wait for clear new government guidance. This shows appropriate respect for the authorities and it also takes into account the likely nervousness and concern both in the church membership and the local community. We also need to recognise that cases are higher and rising at the moment in much of England.

The best route at the moment seems to me to use the Welsh decision to put prrssure on the Government to adjust guidance in England too.

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