After the pandemic -don’t forget about the body of Christ

We are enjoying our new church and particularly the prayer meetings and mid-week community groups. Often at these, one of the elders will pick up on a key thing from the Sunday sermon and encourage us to think about practical application before turning to prayer.  The other Sunday, the speaker had talked about Christ returningContinue reading “After the pandemic -don’t forget about the body of Christ”

After COVID – let’s not forget about evangelism

During COVID-19 lockdowns, churches were forced to make greater use of online provision. Most saw significant engagement with their output beyond their regular congregations. Of course, early figures may have eld to false optimism, once we had accounted for people clicking on and off links and other Christians “church surfing” the numbers weren’t as hugeContinue reading “After COVID – let’s not forget about evangelism”

Sheep stealing, transfer growth and the end of the pandemic

There are times when it becomes necessary to move from one church to another, this might be because a church has departed from what the Bible teaches on primary issues touching on the Gospel or because you have changed your own position on some thing important and central to the beliefs and practices of thatContinue reading “Sheep stealing, transfer growth and the end of the pandemic”

We need to be honest about who we include and who we don’t include

A few weeks back I wrote arguing that we should be willing to consider the possibility of some form of immunity certification if it enables large gatherings to open up sooner enabling capacity audiences, mingling, singing and the end of social distancing and face masks at such events. There is a concern that such measuresContinue reading “We need to be honest about who we include and who we don’t include”

How do we avoid future lockdowns?

Despite the roll out of the vaccine and the gradual easing of lockdown, there’s still a lot of pessimism in the air. Consistently we hear talk about the potential for COVID-19 infections to rise again and further deaths. Whilst the Government are adamant that there is no reason for us to see a reverse ofContinue reading “How do we avoid future lockdowns?”

Getting out of lockdown: Between idealism and pragmatism

Followers of Faithroots will know that I’ve been pushing hard at the question “Is there a way of helping us get back to full in person corporate worship sooner rather than later.”  That is the context for any discussion on the proposed vaccine/immunity passporting scheme.  Now, I want to be clear here that my longContinue reading “Getting out of lockdown: Between idealism and pragmatism”

So how do we get back to in person gatherings for ALL sooner?

This is a follow up article to this morning’s article on Vaccine passports.  My aim in writing that article was to get us thinking about how we open up for in person meeting sooner, with the aim for all who wish to gather in person to do so. My aim is to enable church familiesContinue reading “So how do we get back to in person gatherings for ALL sooner?”

Vaccine Passports – what are our priorities?

There’s ongoing debate about the pros and cons of Vaccine passports. The concerns are particularly coming from those who see such measures as an assault on individual liberties. This means that we’ve seen some Christian leaders speaking out against them. The fear cited is that such measures will lead to people being excluded from churchContinue reading “Vaccine Passports – what are our priorities?”

It’s not just whether we get out of the pandemic but how that matters

The British approach to vaccine roll out has on one level been impressive. There were two important decisions made. The first was to go in early and negotiate contracts to ensure a good supply of the vaccine. The second was the calculated risk to extend the period between first and second dose in order toContinue reading “It’s not just whether we get out of the pandemic but how that matters”

How are you doing with your worry?

A year ago as we began to move into the first lockdown, I broadcast my first YouTube video “Don’t Worry.” A year on I’ve returned to the them of worry. In the latest video, I talk about 3 voices not to listen to in order to help us avoid anxiety Legalistic Voices Licentious voices SuperstitiousContinue reading “How are you doing with your worry?”