Twitter Church?

The big debate over the past 12 months has been about whether our online activities during lockdown counted as church worship services and whether it was possible to do things like share communion online. My position throughout has been that given the specific context we found ourselves in, that yes the online provision  did countContinue reading “Twitter Church?”

Is “open or closed communion?” the right question?

One of the graces in COVID is that it has pushed us hard to think about some key aspects of church life such as “What really is gathered worship?” and “What are the priority ministries of a church in the week?” There has also been quite a bit of discussion about when, how and whyContinue reading “Is “open or closed communion?” the right question?”

Shall we gather? The case for physical gathering may actually prove the opposite!

Before we go any further, I want to make it clear that I prefer to see local churches physically gather in a specific venue. There are so many reasons as to why I believe this is far better than zoom and Facebook. I long for the day when we can gather without restrictions, singing God’sContinue reading “Shall we gather? The case for physical gathering may actually prove the opposite!”

Learning the wrong lessons: virtual church and remote pastoring

What happens to church during lockdown?  There are essentially * answers to that question Option 1: Physical gathering never mattered much, the spiritual was always what mattered and therefore virtual online church is great. It is at least the equal if not better than physical gathering in buildings. Option 2: It is impossible to physicallyContinue reading “Learning the wrong lessons: virtual church and remote pastoring”

Isolation and Communion (part 1)

One Cup? The practical questions for us have rumbled on for years. Traditionally our church followed the practice of passing round the bread first and letting people tear off a piece, then we pass round chalices, each person taking a sip before wiping the rim of the cup with a serviette.  Sharing in the oneContinue reading “Isolation and Communion (part 1)”