Following The Science … or The Sciences? How much disagreement really?

Every so often in life, you will hear someone say “well there are so many different opinions on x, therefore I am completely entitled to believe y” at which point they introduce a completely new option that no sane person in the debate would ever endorse. The belief that there are lots and lots ofContinue reading “Following The Science … or The Sciences? How much disagreement really?”

Keir and Boris … stop the party politics over COVID

It didn’t take long for our politicians to step into the gutter over the pandemic did it. We’ve had cheap stunts like “Eat Out to Help” from the chancellor and we have had Boris insulting the Labour leader as Captain Hindsight whilst refusing to give serious answers to questions and treating scrutiny as a nuisance.Continue reading “Keir and Boris … stop the party politics over COVID”

The risk of idolatry when it comes to death

I wrote here, that seeking to subdue COVID-19 did not amount to idolatry but was in fact a legitimate following of the Creation mandate.  This attracted a lot of debate. Surprisingly, so far I’ve not had anyone interact with my exposition of Scripture. Rather, people have focused on seeking to argue that the Government areContinue reading “The risk of idolatry when it comes to death”

Getting through the next six months – some practicalities

In an earlier article I talked about how we respond to the frustration and disappointment of having at least another six months of lockdown measures. I focused on the big picture from Scripture, our hope in the Gospel and in Christ’s return. Here, I want to talk through some more detailed and practical application forContinue reading “Getting through the next six months – some practicalities”

What does it mean to “just focus on protecting the vulnerable”?

Over the past few weeks, I’ve seen a point of view gaining momentum in certain quarters which is that we should never have had a full national lockdown and that we should be lifting all restrictions now so that the young and healthy can be free to live their lives without interference.  Instead we shouldContinue reading “What does it mean to “just focus on protecting the vulnerable”?”

Will a circuit break work?

The latest proposal for combatting coronavirus is a “circuit break.” The idea is that by taking short breaks from normal life by imposing mini lockdowns, we can help flatten the next wave of COVID-19.  Is this likely to be effective. Well, if the question is “will such measures effectively combat the pandemic” then I don’tContinue reading “Will a circuit break work?”

Please – let’s not repeat the same mistakes

I’m COVID-centric. This means I’m not one of those people who believes lockdown was a waste of time, that the disease is a bit of a conspiracy and that warnings of mass deaths were alarmist. Nor, do I think that we have experienced an absolute disaster or that we need to go back into lockdownContinue reading “Please – let’s not repeat the same mistakes”

A national day of prayer for coronavirus

This afternoon I had  a call from one of our church members, she asked me if we could encourage people to write to the Prime Minister asking him to call for a national day of prayer concerning the COVID-10 pandemic. I am agreeing to join in with the request and I want to explain whyContinue reading “A national day of prayer for coronavirus”

Curiosity and coronavirus

I have argued throughout the COVID-19 pandemic that two gaps in our skill set as a society have been identified. The first is an understanding of how statistics work as figures have been thrown around without much understanding of what they tell us. The second has been that we have show a lack of curiosity.Continue reading “Curiosity and coronavirus”

Why we will be cutting back on our online output

When the COVID-19 restrictions began to kick in, like many others we began to ramp up our online content.  My personal involvement included restarting Faithroots, uploading short videos to Youtube and opening a Facebook account so that I could broadcast regularly. At the height of the pandemic, I was running  twice daily prayer services andContinue reading “Why we will be cutting back on our online output”