One step forward? Let’s hope it’s not two back

So, the Prime Minister has announced the roadmap route out of lockdown, arguing that it is a cautious route but hopefully irreversible. Much of what he said had already been leaked in advance and that’s something we keep saying needs to change but is unlikely to. The leaking of actual measures was not helped byContinue reading “One step forward? Let’s hope it’s not two back”

Is it too early to come out of lockdown?

Understandably, there is still some nervousness about whether or not we should be coming out of the current lockdown just yet or whether it is too soon.  I thought it might be helpful to have a look at the available data. The key information is as follows.  First of all, the rolling 7 day averageContinue reading “Is it too early to come out of lockdown?”

What would it help to know?

Yesterday I commented on the need of the pastor to be informed on a whole range of issues outside of their specific expertise in Biblical studies.  We cannot and should not seek to become experts in every field but there are things we can do to help pastors be prepared for this aspect of ministry.Continue reading “What would it help to know?”

COVID and Cold Contact Evangelism

I’ve been writing about how we go about building back our outreach as we move out of lockdown. In a recent post, I wrote that I didn’t think we should rush to put back some of of our traditional outreach ministries such as children’s clubs and Toddlers groups.  The reason for this is that weContinue reading “COVID and Cold Contact Evangelism”

We need a way out of costly social distancing measures, not just lockdown (open letter to Boris Johnson)

Dear Boris, I’ve written open letters to you throughout the pandemic.  As we approach the end of what we all hope will be the last lockdown, I want to write to you again concerning some of the rumours and hints that are currently going around. Over the past few weeks, the narrative has built upContinue reading “We need a way out of costly social distancing measures, not just lockdown (open letter to Boris Johnson)”

Is a 10 year jail term proportionate for lying about quarantine?

My friend Steve has opened up this question and indicated a reluctance to enter into the specific debate although eventually he did give his opinion. I on the other hand am happy to wade in to the specific debate and to say that I think a ten year prison sentence is perfectly reasonable and proportionateContinue reading “Is a 10 year jail term proportionate for lying about quarantine?”

Zoom or in person? – another faulty question

In a recent article I got us to think a bit more about communion and suggested that the question of “open v closed” communion was the wrong one.  Another question that has come to the forefront during COVID is about what it means to gather as a church. This is of course related to theContinue reading “Zoom or in person? – another faulty question”

Sub Tweeting the Church

There is a tendency at the moment towards something quite unpleasant and potentially dangerous. The other day, I wrote about the problem when people resort to hyperbole attacking this or that Christian for heresy without much evidence and when in fact the debate is usually one within the boundaries of orthodoxy about how to mostContinue reading “Sub Tweeting the Church”

The problem with porous boundaries

I’ve argued throughout COVID-19 that in a pandemic compliance and non-compliance matters.  The nature of non-compliance is important too. It is actually better to have a self-contained 10% of the population failing to comply if the other 90% are complying at 100%. However, if 100% of the population comply with 90% of the measures orContinue reading “The problem with porous boundaries”