Joy comes with the morning

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The pandemic has been a period of loss for all of us. For some of us, it will be as basic as the loss of a normal way of life, the loss of the freedom to go about our days, getting out of the house and seeing people. Along with that, there will be the… Continue reading Joy comes with the morning

The year we were given

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2020 was not the year we asked for and not the year we expected.  A lot of people had focused on the big number year and its association with vision as a significant milestone to aim for. We all had 2020 visions.  Others also because of the symmetry of the year had planned big wedding… Continue reading The year we were given

Is it ever a good thing to lay people off?

We were sat in the meeting room off of the open plan office again. We had been through too many of these conversations. It was frustrating because I’d seen something in the lad during his apprenticeship and given him a job in our team.  However he had coasted after that, he seemed lethargic, disinterested and… Continue reading Is it ever a good thing to lay people off?

When you have to make someone redundant

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In a previous article, I wrote for those who are experiencing being made redundant.  Today, I want to write about our responsibilities when we are the other side of the desk. If you are in a leadership position, then there is going to come a day when you will face the prospect of having to… Continue reading When you have to make someone redundant


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Can you meet with the Trustees urgently about the financial situation?” “Are we looking at redundancies?” “We need to talk options…” That’s the gist of a conversation I was having a few weeks back.  Like quite a few churches in our context, we’ve been encouraged over the past ten years to see Gospel growth but… Continue reading Redundant