Are small groups overrated?

Jonathan Carswell was seeking to provoke a bit of discussion with this tweet -and he succeeded. So, what do you think? Are they overrated, ineffective and unaccountable?  It’s worth noting at this stage that Jonathan is making a relative comparison to the other ministries run in a local church, presumably including your retired ladies meeting,Continue reading “Are small groups overrated?”

After the pandemic -don’t forget about the body of Christ

We are enjoying our new church and particularly the prayer meetings and mid-week community groups. Often at these, one of the elders will pick up on a key thing from the Sunday sermon and encourage us to think about practical application before turning to prayer.  The other Sunday, the speaker had talked about Christ returningContinue reading “After the pandemic -don’t forget about the body of Christ”

Must we leave our trauma at the door?

Two wings of the Evangelical church tend to suffer from a bit of stereotyping.  On the one end are those frequently accused of focusing so much on the emotional aspect of worship that they forget exposition and doctrine, requiring you to leave your brains at the door. At the other end are those who areContinue reading “Must we leave our trauma at the door?”

Stepping In: An Introduction to Idolatry

An important part of the Subversive fulfilment approach is an understanding of idolatry. The subversive part of the term comes from the fact that even our dreams and desires are idolatrous. We cannot simply offer the possibility to people that their life will find fulfilment in Christ, we must start by showing them that inContinue reading “Stepping In: An Introduction to Idolatry”

Journey out of lockdown – return to the Church building with communion

Yesterday was our first opportunity to meet again physically after the second English lockdown.  After the first lockdown, we kept things simple at the building. We decided not  to recommence communion and we continued to stream a Facebook service from someone’s home which people could then opt to watch at the building. Yesterday we didContinue reading “Journey out of lockdown – return to the Church building with communion”


Can you meet with the Trustees urgently about the financial situation?” “Are we looking at redundancies?” “We need to talk options…” That’s the gist of a conversation I was having a few weeks back.  Like quite a few churches in our context, we’ve been encouraged over the past ten years to see Gospel growth butContinue reading “Redundant”

The problem with Christian Exceptionalism and the distinction between submit and support

From this Sunday, church buildings in England will be closed again for public worship due to a second lockdown.  I expect that most church leaders will comply with this, all with a heavy heart.  Some will do this quietly. Others will have raised objections through blog posts, letters to MPs, petitions and possibly a legalContinue reading “The problem with Christian Exceptionalism and the distinction between submit and support”

“You’re joking … not another one?” Lockdown 2?

Remember Brenda from Bristol’s reaction to the General Election in 2017. A lot of us are no doubt feeling like that about the prospect of another national lockdown. Of course there are a lot of people pushing heavily for one too. As a Christian and a church leaders I believe it is important that weContinue reading ““You’re joking … not another one?” Lockdown 2?”

Can we just sing in our hearts?

At the present time, Government guidance to churches is clear, we should not participate in congregation singing as there remain concerns about coronavirus being spread through singing and shouting. The option is there to listen to the songs. So, how are we to respond to this?  So far, I have seen three approaches to this.Continue reading “Can we just sing in our hearts?”