Church is about more than a quick in and out visit

When people have come to join us at Bearwood from a more Roman Catholic or High Church background, there are often some tell-tale signs. One is the tendency to arrive as close to the start time as possible and leave quickly at the end avoiding much social interaction with others. So, when I first sawContinue reading “Church is about more than a quick in and out visit”

Stopping a virus from spreading

As churches we have made every effort these past few months to prevent a virus from spreading. We have self isolated, we have washed our hands, we have closed down our buildings for a while and when we have reopened we have been so careful to socially distance and wear masks. It is good thatContinue reading “Stopping a virus from spreading”

Why I won’t be joining Christian Concern in taking the Government to court

A number of Christian leaders have joined with Christian Concern For Our Nation in taking legal action against the government for pursuing lockdown and the closing of church buildings during Coronavirus. I want to explain here why I disagree with the action and won’t be supporting it. First of all, on one level, I respectContinue reading “Why I won’t be joining Christian Concern in taking the Government to court”

Re-opening Bearwood Chapel for public worship

We now have permission from the Government to re-open our building for public worship.  So, we are really encouraged to be opening this Sunday, 5th July.  I want to take the opportunity here to explain what we are doing. Ina follow up article I will explain why we are taking this approach. I also hopeContinue reading “Re-opening Bearwood Chapel for public worship”

Did the Church miss an opportunity during lockdown?

It’s locked in my memory, my first ever Bradford City game. The year is 1986 and our next-door neighbour agreed I could go with him to see City play Huddersfield Town. We are stood in the crowd behind the goal, the ball is played into our centre forward, he is a couple of feet outContinue reading “Did the Church miss an opportunity during lockdown?”

The end of the Department For International Aid (DFID) should encourage a bigger conversation about governments, aid and charity

The merger of the Department for International Development (DFID) into the Foreign Office was one of those worst kept secrets, a case of when not if.  In effect it’s a bit of restricting, a bit of musical chairs. Of greater importance than what departments exist in government, is the effectiveness of their objectives. This meansContinue reading “The end of the Department For International Aid (DFID) should encourage a bigger conversation about governments, aid and charity”

Pride, Prejudice and Privilege in The Church

Yesterday, we talked about pride, prejudice and privilege in society. Today, I want to think more about it in the context of the church.  One church that particularly struggled with division, rivalry and pride was the church at Corinth. Right at the start of 1 Corinthians, Paul has to rebuke the church because of this. Continue reading “Pride, Prejudice and Privilege in The Church”

Food from around the world wide web

Son of a preacher man – when a child talks to his dad about being a preacher. How to care for friends with anxiety and depression – The Gospel Coalition have posted this article by Emma Scrivener. Follow the link through her site. I want to direct you through her site rather than straight toContinue reading “Food from around the world wide web”

Church in the new normal

I wanted to share a few reflections on our experience so far during the Coronavirus lockdown. It has been tough and challenging but in other ways, refreshing and encouraging. These are not structured thoughts – just some jotted reflections and interaction with concerns of others. Body ministry kicks in … if it is already inContinue reading “Church in the new normal”

"I don't want you to panic …. I want you to think."

“I don’t want you to panic, I want you to think.” Those words are striking, they come from a young German activist who has taken an opposing position to Greta Thunberg. I quoted her in my first video chat “Don’t Worry.”   Whatever your position on climate change and whether you agree with either viewContinue reading “"I don't want you to panic …. I want you to think."”