Do we gather to worship?

Robert Strivens has reviewed William Taylor’s book “Revolutionary Worship”  here.  Taylor, following Vaughan Roberts and David Peterson argues that for the believer, worship language in Scripture is primarily about our everyday lives. Taylor’s primary aim seems to be to encourage people to think of their day to day activities in the home, workplace, school or… Continue reading Do we gather to worship?

The pastor’s Sabbath?

Most pastors have something in their contract to the effect that they should have one day a week completely clear of work. Some contracts will refer to it as the pastor’s sabbath.  I’m deeply uncomfortable with that language because it suggests that the pastor should have his sabbath away from God’s people. It also begs… Continue reading The pastor’s Sabbath?

Surviving University as a Christian

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It’s that time of year when lots of students head off to University and a big concern for Christian students is whether or not they’ll survive with their faith intact.  I’ve seen a few suggestions about how to make sure you get through University and these tend to include things like joining the Christian Union,… Continue reading Surviving University as a Christian

Having to walk to church would not be persecution!

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I can’t believe that I’ve found myself writing that headline – but you’d be surprised at the number of times that the obvious needs spelling out.  For context, the IEA have been setting out some recommendations about how to tackle the current energy crisis which is expected to get worse as a result of the… Continue reading Having to walk to church would not be persecution!

Another approach to the Sunday question

How might we approach the question of Sundays and church attendance? Well the first thing we have to do is to recognise the dangers that exist for pastors and elders when it comes to the issue.  It seems that Sunday attendance is so obviously a good and right thing to do that there can’t possibly… Continue reading Another approach to the Sunday question

Putting God First

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What do you put first in your life? It might be job, education, your football team, your family.  Many of you will say “I want to put God first.”  But what does that mean? It might mean some sacrificial decisions, perhaps a willingness to give up your job and comforts for full time Christian work.… Continue reading Putting God First