In defence of Sunday restrictions

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Tom Harwood is a journalist and commentator with GB News and he’s not happy about the UK’s remaining restrictions on Sunday Trading as this tweet shows. Now, I can’t help but make too general comments here.  First, that in my experience, if you are shopping at the big superstores then you tend to be doing… Continue reading In defence of Sunday restrictions

Day Seven

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The Old Testament Law rooted its command to set apart the seventh day as a sabbath in the creation account. Read Genesis 2:1-3 God has created the world, he has formed it and filled it. He has named things and ordered them. H has blessed his creation.  Now, having blessed his creation, he blesses time,… Continue reading Day Seven

Should the church care about social justice?

This is one of those issues that seem to split the evangelical world down the middle.  On the one hand, you can find many church websites, supported by blogs and books arguing that we should be passionate about “social justice”.  On the other hand, there are plenty of books, blogs and twitter threads arguing that… Continue reading Should the church care about social justice?

Should we cancel church on Christmas Day?

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There’s been some debate, some of it heated about whether or not churches should be gathering this Sunday.  Particularly in the United States, there are a lot of churches that seem to have decided to hold services because Sunday clashes with Christmas Day. The argument has been that churches are in effect prioritising the holiday… Continue reading Should we cancel church on Christmas Day?

If you want to look after your pastor, just let him have a normal weekend off!

I’ve just read one of those Twitter threads which outlines how churches should look after the pastors.  This current one talks about things like using paying the pastor a decent wage, paying for any counselling they need, letting them have marriage enrichment weekends, praying for them, giving them sabbaticals and also giving then a “sabbath… Continue reading If you want to look after your pastor, just let him have a normal weekend off!

God’s Place

There are three strands to Biblical Theology I would like to talk a bit more in this article about “God’s Place.”  In Genesis 1-2, we are told the story of Creation.  God creates the universe out of nothing and forms and fills it over a 6 day period before resting on the seventh day. The… Continue reading God’s Place

Finding joy – an answer to exhaustion

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I recently shared a few articles about the Christian Sabbath. In one, I talked about how we shouldn’t be looking at how many meetings a person attends on a Sunday but whether the Sabbath is fulfilling its intended purpose.  My dad who has served as a lay pastor (unpaid whilst continuing in secular work), itinerant… Continue reading Finding joy – an answer to exhaustion

Why stripping back Sundays is helping me to think about Sabbath

I’ve recently commented that having been in a position for most of my life where I’ve attended church at least twice on Sunday, sometimes more, that now being in a place where we are only attending once, it feels in some ways that for the first time, the Christian Sabbath is doing its job. Now,… Continue reading Why stripping back Sundays is helping me to think about Sabbath

The pastor’s Sabbath?

Most pastors have something in their contract to the effect that they should have one day a week completely clear of work. Some contracts will refer to it as the pastor’s sabbath.  I’m deeply uncomfortable with that language because it suggests that the pastor should have his sabbath away from God’s people. It also begs… Continue reading The pastor’s Sabbath?

What is Sabbath rest?

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We associate the idea of a Sabbath with rest for three reasons. First of all, in terms of the big Biblical picture, Sabbath practice looks back to Genesis 2:1-4 where we are told that God rested on the 7th day after 6 days of creation. Note, that whilst God rested after completing his work, that… Continue reading What is Sabbath rest?