He is going ahead of you

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When the women are looking for Jesus at the empty tomb, the angels reassure them that Jesus is not in the tomb, not because the body has been stolen but because Christ is risen and he has gone ahead of them.  In that immediate context, it meant that Jesus had gone ahead back to Galilee… Continue reading He is going ahead of you


Joseph of Arimathea requests the body of Jesus and arranges to have it buried. Read Mark 15:40-47 Jesus’ execution has happened on a Friday, the day before Sabbath. Properly speaking, the sabbath would commence from the evening of that day.  It was not considered good for the bodies to be left hanging or the execution… Continue reading Preparation

Ashamed I hear my mocking voice

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Stuart Townend’s hymn “How deep the Father’s Love for us” says: Behold the man upon a crossMy sin upon His shouldersAshamed, I hear my mocking voiceCall out among the scoffersIt was my sin that held Him thereUntil it was accomplishedHis dying breath has brought me lifeI know that it is finished The aim of Pilate’s… Continue reading Ashamed I hear my mocking voice

Who are you?

This is Pilate’s question for Jesus.  Not in the sense that he didn’t know the name of the person standing before him or anything about the details of his life.  It’s a question about identity. Read Mark 15:1-15 It’s the night before his crucifixion and Jesus has been handed over by the Jewish leaders to… Continue reading Who are you?

Crucified (Mark 15)

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Jesus is handed over to Pilate because the Jewish leaders don’t have the authority to order his execution. Given their hesitancy around a public showdown with Jesus themselves, it also neatly hands the problem over to the Romans.  Note the cowardice of a night trial and then passing the issue so that they don’t get… Continue reading Crucified (Mark 15)