In a world where no-one is allowed to say no, this is an uncomfortable parable

You know the parable about the wedding feast don’t you? That’s right, it’s the one where the people are invited come up with lots of excuses for why they cannot attend on the day. Do you know how it ends?  You might assume that it ends with all the people brought in from the highways… Continue reading In a world where no-one is allowed to say no, this is an uncomfortable parable

Are all age services any use?

The All Age Family service is sometimes treated with a bit of suspicion, tolerated at best.  I’ve heard two objections to them. The first is that All Age worship excludes single people and those without children.  The second is that they prevent you engaging deeply with God’s Word.  Now, both of those things can be… Continue reading Are all age services any use?

Racial Segregation has no place whatsoever in Christ’s Church

One of the most sickening and illuminating sections in Stephen Wolfe’s apology for nationalism was not so much what he said about the nation state but this quote on the church. Indeed, civil fellowship is what makes strong church fellowship possible, because people do not lose their particularity when they pass through the doors of… Continue reading Racial Segregation has no place whatsoever in Christ’s Church

In his name

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Quite a few worship songs talk about “the name of Jesus.”  Classics include:  “There is power in the name of Jesus” “There is a name, who reigns without contention …” “What a wonderful;/beautiful/powerful name it is.” “I speak Jesus” There is a risk with these kinds of song lyrics that they could be perceived superstitiously… Continue reading In his name

The shame myth

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There’s a little myth that has gained currency over the last 30 years to the point where it is generally held as unchallengeable truth.  The theory goes like this: Western cultures are all about guilt and retribution, Eastern cultures are all about honour and shame.  Reformed/Evangelical Theology has paid too much attention to the former… Continue reading The shame myth

I am NOT Jesus

John Stevens mentions on his blog a new video game “I am Jesus.” The idea is that the game simulates various events from Jesus life in order that you can get to know the events of his life through experiencing them.  John rightly points out that whilst this may seem like a great idea, the… Continue reading I am NOT Jesus

The danger of Federal Vision

I’ve mentioned the so-called Federal Vision a few times here.  This is the position associated with James Jordan, Peter Leithart and especially Doug Wilson.  I thought it was worth revisiting it as my social media timeline has been busy again recently for some reason with discussion about Wilson and Federal Vision.  I think as well… Continue reading The danger of Federal Vision

Why did Jesus get baptised? (Mark 1:6-13)

Mark’s Gospel is shorter than the others with a greater sense of immediacy and urgency. The focus appears to be much mor eon the narrative and so we don’t tend to get the extended conversatinos and teaching we find in Matthew and John. So, when Mark takes a bit of time to flesh out a… Continue reading Why did Jesus get baptised? (Mark 1:6-13)

A magnifying glass on my sin

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Back in 2019 I was becoming increasingly irritable and snappy.  I found that my patience was in short supply and that I struggled to find joy and delight in things.  Perhaps it was no surprise then when towards the end of the year I found myself diagnosed with Mixed Anxiety and Depressive Disorder. Things had… Continue reading A magnifying glass on my sin