How do we make sure that we are not spreading ourselves too thinly?

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The morning, I preached on the feeding of the Five Thousand and I asked two questions. One important, practical question that came out of the sermon application was  “How do we know when to keep going with things and/or to take new things on and when to say no? Can we end up spreading ourselves… Continue reading How do we make sure that we are not spreading ourselves too thinly?

In his name (Mark 9:38-41)

The disciples see someone who has been out and about working miracles, specifically they are casting out demons and it seems with good results.  It seems that this guy had at some point heard about Jesus, maybe witnessed him in action and maybe he had even encountered Christ’s healing power himself. Whatever had happened, it… Continue reading In his name (Mark 9:38-41)

I believe, help my unbelief (Mark 9:14-29)

As Jesus and the small group of disciples are coming down from the mountain after the transfiguration, they meet quite the scene.  A man has brought his son to Jesus who is oppressed by a demon that frequently throws him into convulsions. Fascinatingly, I’ve always pictured the son as a young lad but the man’s… Continue reading I believe, help my unbelief (Mark 9:14-29)

What do you need to see? (Mark 8:8-12)

Yesterday we saw Jesus willingness to repeat a sign to help his disciples get the point.  Today, we find him refusing to play the Pharisee’s game and meet their demands for a sign.  Are those two things in tension? Do they contradict each other? On the one hand, we’ve just said that Christ is more… Continue reading What do you need to see? (Mark 8:8-12)

Travelling Light (Mark 6:6-13)

Jesus has called twelve followers to specifically be with him as disciples. The number twelve was symbolic. If he was the new king of Israel, then they represented the beginning of new Israel, twelve apostles for twelve tribes.  Now, he sends them out. They become involved in his mission, apostles are those who are commissioned… Continue reading Travelling Light (Mark 6:6-13)

If I can just get close enough (Mark 5:21-43)

Perhaps one of the most moving accounts in the Gospels is the story of the woman who had suffered for many years with an illness that caused frequent discharge of blood. It’s wrapped around by the healing of Jairus’ daughter. This helps us to see a few things. First, we see Jesus’ willingness to be… Continue reading If I can just get close enough (Mark 5:21-43)

Recognised by enemies (Mark 3:7-12)

We’ve seen that Jesus is getting a lot of attention.  Crowds are coming from far and near, Judea, Galilee and Idumea (Edom) are mentioned here. This is causing problems for him because as his fame grows so do the crowds and this means that his movement and activities are restricted.  We’ve already seen an example… Continue reading Recognised by enemies (Mark 3:7-12)

Depression, sin and trust issues

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I just wanted to pick up on something I’ve seen suggested a few times namely that depression is intrinsically sinful because it involves a lack or loss of trust in the Lord.   I’ve seen this suggested in the context of medication -that you should be depending on God to heal you but I’ve also seen… Continue reading Depression, sin and trust issues