Because I say so? -what should I do with my doubts?

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In presuppositional apologetics[1] one of the key arguments deployed for why we can trust the Bible is the claims that Scripture makes about itself. The basis for this argument is tht at some point, we have to accept that there is a final authority, an ultimate arbiter on belief. The question is “who” or “hat… Continue reading Because I say so? -what should I do with my doubts?

Complying with COVID measures did not imply a lack of faith

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One of the nastiest lies put about through the last year is that anyone who sought to comply with COVID-19 measures such as wearing face masks, social distancing and co-operating with restrictions on church gathering were somehow lacking in faith. If they had enough faith in Jesus, then they would not be worried about death… Continue reading Complying with COVID measures did not imply a lack of faith

Keeping faith in the promise (Romans 4:13-25)

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How have you done at keeping your hope up through the pandemic? It has been hard at times hasn’t it. We were promised a short fight to flatten the curve and then normality by Easter last year only for the First Lockdown to drag on into the summer of 2020. Then in the Autumn we… Continue reading Keeping faith in the promise (Romans 4:13-25)

Anchors Up!

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I grew up in the Boys Brigade singing the song “Will your anchor hold.” So don’t hear me wrong. I don’t want to take away from the imagery of our anchor grounded firm and deep as we are rooted in Christ. However, I want to use the metaphor in another context. It is right that… Continue reading Anchors Up!

“God has been so good to us”

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We sat by the bed-side and leaned in close to listen. The lady was struggling to speak and it was hard to hear but the words came out oh so clearly “God has been so good to us.”  It was hard to hold back the tears. We were visiting for a membership interview.  The older… Continue reading “God has been so good to us”

Finding favour with God

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In Luke 1:28, the angel Gabriel addresses Mary as a “favoured woman” in case she (and we) don’t get then point, he again tells her “you have found favour with God”[1] What does it mean for Mary to have found favour? Roman Catholic tradition seems to put the focus on her and her life. Mary… Continue reading Finding favour with God