Will God give up on me? Finding Eternal Security

This question raises perhaps one of the biggest fears that Christians struggle with. What if I were to fall away from my faith to such an extent that I never recover it and so lose my salvation?  It is the very fear of this that robs many believers of assurance and with that of joy.Continue reading “Will God give up on me? Finding Eternal Security”

Faith, hope and children (What Kevin DeYoung could have said)

Here’s an extra article this afternoon instead of sharing afternoon tea. The Kevin DeYoung article about having lots of children has certainly stirred emotions. Some people have taken this to mean that there are obstacles to pastors talking about discipleship issues that affect women. I don’t think so. I don’t think that the problem wasContinue reading “Faith, hope and children (What Kevin DeYoung could have said)”

Praying for healing (Will God heal me? part 3)

How should we go about praying for healing? Do we need to go to a special healing service and follow a set process? Here’s some notes and then the #AfternoonTea conversation on praying for healing and also our response when the prayer is answered. Anyone can pray for healing for themselves and for others. TheContinue reading “Praying for healing (Will God heal me? part 3)”

Foxes in the garden #SummerIsComing

This morning as I was making breakfast I spotted our local family of foxes out on our law.  WE had seen a glimpse of one heading over the fence a few days ago, then on Saturday night there had been a banging on the patio door window as one of them tried to get inContinue reading “Foxes in the garden #SummerIsComing”

Growing in faith and assurance

2 Peter 1: 5-11 Introduction It’s quite an anxious time for new parents when the health checks happen. Is baby developing and doing all she is meant to? Is baby growing? Is she putting on weight. Failure to grow is a cause for concern. So too with Christians. Are we growing spiritually in Christ? TheContinue reading “Growing in faith and assurance”

“Only the young”

For Starters What are the good things about being young? What (if anything) are the negatives of being young? A Look at the Text What does the Text say? Youth is to be enjoyed (11:7-10) 11:7-8; The author uses the imagery of light and sight to show that there is joy and delight in life.Continue reading ““Only the young””