When we are charging for VIP access to leaders then something has gone badly wrong

Over the past few weeks there’s been some promotion for concerts where you can go and see Christian worship leaders performing. We’ll come back to the question about performances and concerts shortly but what has particularly caught the eye has been the offer of priority and VIP tickets. First of all, VIP tickets were offered… Continue reading When we are charging for VIP access to leaders then something has gone badly wrong

Complementarianism and Singleness -what does the Bible say?

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The other week, I wrote about complementarianism and singleness in response to the claim that Complementarianism gives no space for single women in the church or society because women are required always to relate to God and others through the authority of a man. In that article I explained that this is a misunderstanding of… Continue reading Complementarianism and Singleness -what does the Bible say?

Church Discipline and Church abuse

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There’s been some recent discussion on social media about the use of church discipline and whether or not it can be harmful and lead to examples of abuse.  The discussion was prompted by this article by Steve Kneale which was then shared by John Stevens – you can read the thread below John’s tweet to… Continue reading Church Discipline and Church abuse

Gifted and Talented

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What does that phrase make you think of?  It’s frequently used to describe stand out students at school. The Gifted and talented are to be separated out for special attention at one end of the educational spectrum in order to maximise Grade 9s, A*s and Oxbridge places.  Of course at the other end of the… Continue reading Gifted and Talented


One of the really sad things about recent abuse scandals in the church is the way they mirror some of the horrific things we see in the world around us.  We should be able to respond and to offer something that is beautifully counter cultural.  Yet instead, we are seen to ape some of the… Continue reading Scandalised

The Curse

Covenant History blessed in God’s presence, cursed by exile from it To understand the Covenant ceremony, we need to go back to Genesis  1-3.  God creates a good world and also plants a beautiful and secure garden for the first humans, Adam and Eve, to live in.  Adam is commissioned to tend to the garden… Continue reading The Curse

Body ministry is best (lessons in lockdown)

As lockdown started, we sat down to a zoom call with a big spreadsheet in front of us. A plan kicked into place to ensure that someone was in contact with each and every attendee throughout lockdown to ensure that people will practically cared for, connected and spiritually okay. As I’m sure was said at… Continue reading Body ministry is best (lessons in lockdown)

Food from around the worldwide web (19/06/2020)

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Grieving Well My Story practical advice on how to live through the immediate aftermath of bereavement. George Floyd and Me Hip hop artist Shai Linne writes movingly about how the death of George Floyd affected him. The problem of NRPF Free School Meals hit the headline this week through Marcus Radford’s campaign. Here is an… Continue reading Food from around the worldwide web (19/06/2020)

The ugliness of death

Yesterday, Steve Kneale reported on new restrictions concerning burials and funerals that are being imposed in West Yorkshire. Grave-side mourners will be limited to 10 maximum (nb it is 6 here in Sandwell) but now, no mourners will be allowed at the Crematorium. Instead the Council will offer “direct cremations” with no mourners present and… Continue reading The ugliness of death