Irrevocable gifts and calling – the danger of out of context Bible verses

One of the biggest dangers to healthy life is our ability to rip Bible verses out of context and misapply them. One such example is this verse: 29 For the gifts and the calling of God are irrevocable[1] I’ve heard this verse used by people to justify continued support for people who seemingly had a gifting orContinue reading “Irrevocable gifts and calling – the danger of out of context Bible verses”

Gifting, discernment and abuse

This is the sermon mentioned in my article about spiritual abuse Worship is about                Glorifying and praising God                Encouraging one another up /being a witness                Hearing God speak to us? How do we know that it is God speaking? By Knowing our own limitations (v 1-2) A question about Spiritual things –Continue reading “Gifting, discernment and abuse”

What kind of gift?

When we were younger, my sister wanted a Wendy house for her birthday. My dad kept insisting that she was getting a tin of baked beans, much to her annoyance and his amusement.  Well, the day of her birthday came and she went downstairs. To her joy, there was the Wendy House ready assembled …Continue reading “What kind of gift?”

Leadership is not about the committee you attend

Imagine if the way that your family functioned was that the husband/dad went down to the garden shed and made some decisions. Maybe he called round a few other men to join him for this meeting. Then afterwards, they came out and pronounced their wisdom. You can be by conviction a complementarian and still feelContinue reading “Leadership is not about the committee you attend”

Flourish – Valuing women in church life

Here’s the video of our later After Eight which includes a helpful interview with Sophie Killingley based around Aimee Byrd’s book “Recovering From Biblical Manhood and Womanhood.” We want this to be the start, not the end of the conversation.

Praying for healing (Will God heal me? part 3)

How should we go about praying for healing? Do we need to go to a special healing service and follow a set process? Here’s some notes and then the #AfternoonTea conversation on praying for healing and also our response when the prayer is answered. Anyone can pray for healing for themselves and for others. TheContinue reading “Praying for healing (Will God heal me? part 3)”

“Put me to what you will…” What the Covenant Renewal service says about our view of gifts and ministry

What do you enjoy doing around the house?  I love making deserts like rice pudding I would say that’s my gift. I enjoy making them and I enjoy sharing in eating them with others. I don’t mind getting out in the garden and cutting the lawn either.  I’m not so keen on drying up orContinue reading ““Put me to what you will…” What the Covenant Renewal service says about our view of gifts and ministry”

Meeting “The One”

The other day as part of #AfternoonTea, we talked about relationships and the question of “Is there the one?”  In other words, does God have one specific and ideal partner in mind for you who will complete you in every way. In classic style, I responded with the good old “No and yes.”  Now thatContinue reading “Meeting “The One””