Body ministry is best (lessons in lockdown)

As lockdown started, we sat down to a zoom call with a big spreadsheet in front of us. A plan kicked into place to ensure that someone was in contact with each and every attendee throughout lockdown to ensure that people will practically cared for, connected and spiritually okay. As I’m sure was said atContinue reading “Body ministry is best (lessons in lockdown)”

The Enemy of God’s People (Revelation 17-18)

If the world at times seems cruel, unjust and ungodly, it’s not a new phenomenon.   If Governments seem to legislate against God’s Law and the markets encourage greed and selfishness then there is nothing new under The Sun. If our culture encourages sexual immorality, the objectivization of women and the sexualisation of youngsters then itsContinue reading “The Enemy of God’s People (Revelation 17-18)”

The Chorus of Creation (Revelation 4)

I must admit I am neither a great artist or a great lover of art. My “relaxed” attitude towards the loss of statues, sculptures and monuments probably gave that away! However, even I can be captivated on walking into the Louvre or the British Museum by the beauty and wonder of the art and artifactsContinue reading “The Chorus of Creation (Revelation 4)”