Spiritual Gifts

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In yesterday’s #AfternoonTea we were talking about the Gifts of the Spirit.  How do I know what gift I have?  How many are there? How do I grow in my use of the gifts? Here are the headlines  with the video to watch below. The NT has a number of lists of gifts, they all… Continue reading Spiritual Gifts

The difference between an exposition and a meander

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I believe in the importance of systematic expository preaching which means that we work through a book of a Bible passage by passage each Sunday. I believe this is the best way to feed a congregation on God’s word. It enables the church to hear and engage with the whole of Scripture. It ensures that… Continue reading The difference between an exposition and a meander

Assurance in God’s Word

1 Peter 1:12-21 In the face of false teachers and facing his own imminent death, Peter wants to ensure that the churches are fully prepared for the road ahead.  In so doing, a major priority of his is assurance. So, first of all we see assurance demonstrated by spiritual growth. Now, we also see that… Continue reading Assurance in God’s Word