Please keep praying for Bearwood and Smethwick

Whilst we are moving on and excited about what God has in store with us next, there has been some sadness as we’ve said goodbye to our home and community in Smethwick. We spend 12 years here and grew to love the area. Bearwood and Smethwick will also have a significant place in our hearts.… Continue reading Please keep praying for Bearwood and Smethwick

Don’t forget about Afghanistan

It’s not long back that the return of the Taliban to power in Afghanistan and the disorderly withdrawal of British and American troops. At the time I wrote about being Afghan ready . I expressed concern that it was easy for us to virtue signal our concern for refugees and announce our readiness but harder… Continue reading Don’t forget about Afghanistan

Is three a magic number?

You’ve probably heard people quote these words from Matthew 18:19-20 19 Again I say to you, if two of you agree on earth about anything they ask, it will be done for them by my Father in heaven. 20 For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I among them.” And you’ve probably heard them used to suggest… Continue reading Is three a magic number?

What can we do for Ukraine?

As we watch on the situation in Ukraine, no doubt like me you feel completely helpless. There seems to be nothing we can do.  We can use hashtags to say that we #StandWithUkraine and we can change our profile pictures to incorporate the Ukrainian flag on our social media but what good does that do? … Continue reading What can we do for Ukraine?

Don’t forget who the real enemy is

Back after 911, there was a particularly intense period when anyone of Asian or middle eastern appearance was at risk from backlash.  Not only did people conflate the attack by Islamist extremists with an attack from all Muslims but also people who were not even Muslims but rather Sikhs and Hindus were conflated with the… Continue reading Don’t forget who the real enemy is

Ukraine War: What should we pray?

As Russia invades Ukraine, I’ve shared some opinion pieces talking more generally about the conflict and In this article, I want to talk specifically about how we as Christians respond to what is happening in Ukraine.  How specifically do we pray?  I want to suggest five specific things that we should pray: We pray specifically… Continue reading Ukraine War: What should we pray?

What to do when you are praying

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Over the past week I’ve focused #TheDailyDose on the order of service used by the Church of England for Morning Prayer. During lockdown quite a few people found it helpful to follow this service together on Facebook each morning. Although the service is liturgical and I’m personally from a non liturgical background, I generally prefer… Continue reading What to do when you are praying

A different world?

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“Could God have created another world?”  It was a classic question set for theological students when I was at Oak Hill.  The question concerned God’s sovereignty and providence.  On the one hand it was argued that this world is exactly the kind of world that you would expect to see, it is fitting to God’s… Continue reading A different world?