A national day of prayer for coronavirus

This afternoon I had  a call from one of our church members, she asked me if we could encourage people to write to the Prime Minister asking him to call for a national day of prayer concerning the COVID-10 pandemic. I am agreeing to join in with the request and I want to explain whyContinue reading “A national day of prayer for coronavirus”

Angry at God ?(2) What to do with my anger

Yesterday I looked at the question “Is it right to be angry with God?” Today, I want to think a little further about what we do with that anger when we experience it.  Here are some thoughts. Take time to pour out your heart to God being open about how you are feeling.  You mayContinue reading “Angry at God ?(2) What to do with my anger”

What kind of gift?

When we were younger, my sister wanted a Wendy house for her birthday. My dad kept insisting that she was getting a tin of baked beans, much to her annoyance and his amusement.  Well, the day of her birthday came and she went downstairs. To her joy, there was the Wendy House ready assembled …Continue reading “What kind of gift?”

Stones and Serpents

I don’t want to make too big a deal out of this but I was fascinated when looking at Jesus teaching on prayer to spot one of those little but intriguing connections. In Matthew 4, Jesus goes into the Wilderness where he fasts for 40 days and nights and experiences testing from Satan.  Satan basicallyContinue reading “Stones and Serpents”

How many times do you need to ask?

I remember a speaker at a conference I attended claiming that he had identified the secret to successful prayer. It was a matter of persistence in prayer and fasting. We give up too easily, he claimed. He was even prepared to put a number on this. Just as Jesus prayed and fasted for 40 days,Continue reading “How many times do you need to ask?”

Forgive us our debts

When we get to this point in the Lord’s Prayer, we are reminded of two stories Jesus told. I have mentioned the first one a few times. It is the story of the unforgiving servant.  The other one is about a young man, who demands his inheritance and heads off to a far country whereContinue reading “Forgive us our debts”

Thy kingdom come

When Jesus started preaching, he announced the nearness of God’s kingdom. This kingdom is not about a specific geographical area, rather it is about God’s sovereign rule and reign over his creation. We link “Your kingdom come” to “your will be done” because the two go closely together.  A prayer for God’s kingdom to comeContinue reading “Thy kingdom come”

Our Father in Heaven

One of the fascinating things that strikes me as I read Matthew 6 is these words: “Your Father knows exactly what you need even before you ask him!”[1] It is often suggested that if God already knows everything and even predestines everything then there is no point in praying at all.  God already knows andContinue reading “Our Father in Heaven”

Private Prayer in a place of Public Worship is an oxymoron

The UK Government has said that it aims to see places of public worship opening from the 4th July at the earliest. That’s promising. However, before you get too excited, check the detail.  Comments from those involved in consultations suggest that we will not be opening for public worship, rather church buildings will be allowedContinue reading “Private Prayer in a place of Public Worship is an oxymoron”

Spatial Awareness

One of the little spin off controversies during lockdown has been around the question of where to live-stream church services from. Initially some churches broadcast from their buildings. The aim was to give a sense of continuity for unsettled congregations. In some cases, it also made sense because prior to the full, tighter lockdown itContinue reading “Spatial Awareness”