Should a Christian take anti-depressants?

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One question I’ve seen raised so many times is about whether or not Christians should take anti-depressants.  It’s fascinating because I rarely here the question asked about taking Ibuprofen, or going to the hospital to get your leg put in plaster if you break it. Yet, there seems to be some uncertainty about medication for… Continue reading Should a Christian take anti-depressants?

Be careful with your offence

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When Steve Chalke infamously used his punchline comparing Penal Substitution to “cosmic child abuse” a lot of people picked up on how offensive this was  towards God. I think Chalke’s defence would be that it could not be offensive to God because the God he believed in had not punished his son on our behalf… Continue reading Be careful with your offence

When the wounds do not heal

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In my review of “The Wounded Christian” I raised one small point where I felt the author hasn’t quite hit the nail on the head.  I felt that the book whilst rightly talking about how healing happens may have given the impression that it always will or at least should happen in this life time. … Continue reading When the wounds do not heal

When your pastor gets depressed -what might have caused it?

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I recently wrote an article for the Grace in the Depths website outlining the common signs and common causes of depression.  I did so because one of the challenges we face when talking about church leaders and depression is identifying that someone has depression. The second and related challenge is that often the subject remains… Continue reading When your pastor gets depressed -what might have caused it?

Depression tells you that you are weak – and that’s okay

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It’s the funny thing about Sertraline.  Every morning if you’ve been pre-scribed it, the box sits there on the breakfast table as a reminder that you need to take your medication. And each morning, it shouts out to you “You are so weak.” It’s funny because you don’t think that when you get up and… Continue reading Depression tells you that you are weak – and that’s okay

What not to say when someone is suffering

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Our latest Afternoon Discussion looked at how we support and care for those suffering chronic conditions including emotional health issues. What should I not say? I want to be helpful but I don’t want to put my foot in it either. You can watch the discussion below and here are some quick notes. Often the… Continue reading What not to say when someone is suffering

When God doesn’t heal (Will God heal me part 2)

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This is part two in our look at the question “Will God heal me?”  You can find the first discussion here. What do we do when we long for healing, have prayed for healing and it doesn’t seem to happen?  Here are some notes from the discussion which you can watch below. This can be… Continue reading When God doesn’t heal (Will God heal me part 2)

Will God heal me? (Part 1)

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Here’s our latest “Afternoon Tea discussion” and as usual, I’m going to give some summary notes here but the best thing to do is to watch it through. There’s some intro stuff including a book review and conversation about increased wild-life sightings but you can skip through the appetisers and get into the main content… Continue reading Will God heal me? (Part 1)

The Prosperity Problem

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We know there’s something bad out there called “The Prosperity Gospel.” We know it’s bad because most preachers and pastors will quickly tell us that it’s wrong and that they don’t teach it. However, I’m not sure that we quite grasp exactly what the problem is. The risk then is that we can end up… Continue reading The Prosperity Problem