Law and Spirit: A COVID Parable

Imagine this: it’s summer 2021.  After extensive trials and tests, the COVID-19 vaccine is available.  It has been internationally confirmed to be reliable, safe and effective. Here in the UK it is available to you for free. What would you say to someone who is choosing to refuse the vaccine and instead is insisting onContinue reading “Law and Spirit: A COVID Parable”

Mingling – The Rule of Six and challenges for church

This week, the Government has introduced new rules. It will be illegal to have groups of greater than six gathering for social purposes. Whilst this does not in and of itself limit the numbers that can attend church, it will have some affect on church life. This is because whilst the total number of peopleContinue reading “Mingling – The Rule of Six and challenges for church”

Church is about more than a quick in and out visit

When people have come to join us at Bearwood from a more Roman Catholic or High Church background, there are often some tell-tale signs. One is the tendency to arrive as close to the start time as possible and leave quickly at the end avoiding much social interaction with others. So, when I first sawContinue reading “Church is about more than a quick in and out visit”

Stopping a virus from spreading

As churches we have made every effort these past few months to prevent a virus from spreading. We have self isolated, we have washed our hands, we have closed down our buildings for a while and when we have reopened we have been so careful to socially distance and wear masks. It is good thatContinue reading “Stopping a virus from spreading”

Qualifications matter -why an appeal to authority isn’t always wrong

A follow on from the Douglas Carswell tweet which I mentioned in the previous post was, a twitter interaction with someone that went something as follows: Them: “The WHO have been dreadful during the virus. A lot of the measures including the 2 metre rule are nonsense.” Me: “Are you a doctor or epidemiologist? DoContinue reading “Qualifications matter -why an appeal to authority isn’t always wrong”