Face mask experiments and asking the wrong question

A little while back I mentioned a study looking at cases of COVID-19 among families with children in the home. I observed that the study was being used by people to push conclusions that it did not and could not make. Something similar has been happening with a Danish study about mask wearing. The studyContinue reading “Face mask experiments and asking the wrong question”

The current Evangelical scepticism about science and modelling could do long term harm

There is a narrative that is gaining traction at the moment which runs along the lines that we are resisting an authoritarian agenda led by “The Science” and fed by dodgy models.  From this perspective, attempts to model and forecast should be ignored as worthless trash whilst our efforts to control and defeat a pandemicContinue reading “The current Evangelical scepticism about science and modelling could do long term harm”

Curiosity and coronavirus

I have argued throughout the COVID-19 pandemic that two gaps in our skill set as a society have been identified. The first is an understanding of how statistics work as figures have been thrown around without much understanding of what they tell us. The second has been that we have show a lack of curiosity.Continue reading “Curiosity and coronavirus”

The A Level Results Scandal – how not to use algorithms

A Level results are dropping into young people’s in boxes this morning and from what we have heard on the news and seen with the Scottish results there is going to be a lot of disappointment this morning. Earlier this year, when it became clear that the normal summer exams would not be possible, teachersContinue reading “The A Level Results Scandal – how not to use algorithms”

Evil Nazis, The Sky fairy and questions about abortion and euthanasia

Today in the House of Commons there will be an attempt to amend the Domestic Abuse bill in order to significantly liberalise the abortion laws still further. I am asking all MPs including our local MPs John Speller and Preet Kaur-Gill to vote against this. I have two reasons for asking them to do this.Continue reading “Evil Nazis, The Sky fairy and questions about abortion and euthanasia”

Following the science – but which science?

From the start of Coronavirus the Government have repeated the mantra that in all their actions, they have been “following the science.”  However, the idea that there is this thing called “The Science” is rather misleading. It misses two points. The first is that there are various fields of science. This of course includes theContinue reading “Following the science – but which science?”