Taking the man out of mandatory vaccines

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From time to time I publish guest articles on faithroot.com. This article comes from Ash Cunningham, assistant pastor at Grace Church Cheltenham and is in response to my article yesterday on vaccine hesitancy and vaccine denial which Ash had prior sight of. I’m no Ghetto Barbie I hope that the following article wasn’t entirely prompted… Continue reading Taking the man out of mandatory vaccines

“I’ll wait for Survation”

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Survation famously got their 2017 General Election prediction pretty near right when all the other pollsters floundered. So in 2019, when nearly every pollster was calling it for the Conservatives as a clear win, a frequent refrain from those rooting for Jeremy Corbyn was “I’ll wait for Survation”. The hope and belief was that once… Continue reading “I’ll wait for Survation”

I’ve got a theory

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On faithroots Live this week, I was looking at the Theory of Evolution. Now, I’m a Young Earth Creationist which means I fundamentally disagree with Evolutionary Theory, however, I think that it is vital we evaluate the strongest form of an opposing argument.  So, one thing that I took time to do was to respond… Continue reading I’ve got a theory

Face mask experiments and asking the wrong question

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A little while back I mentioned a study looking at cases of COVID-19 among families with children in the home. I observed that the study was being used by people to push conclusions that it did not and could not make. Something similar has been happening with a Danish study about mask wearing. The study… Continue reading Face mask experiments and asking the wrong question

Learning to see – the full picture

Going back a month or two, you may remember that when asked, Boris Johnson promised that if necessary, the armed forces would be made available to help with the effort against COVID-19. This led to predictable headlines and tweets about troops on the street and people claiming that the Government was using the pandemic as… Continue reading Learning to see – the full picture